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Your Paid Media Traffic is Converting on Amazon – But You Haven’t Been Measuring It!

Amazon Attribution is a free measurement solution that provides visibility into how your non-Amazon digital marketing tactics impact your customers’ shopping activity on Amazon.

Without the Marin + Amazon Attribution integration you would not be able to connect the cost from a paid search or paid social click to a resulting Amazon conversion metrics (such as page views, add to carts, and purchases).

Many people engage with an ad on Google or Facebook, only to end up conducting their shopping research and purchase execution on Amazon. Even if you own your own eCommerce presence, some of your customers are buying on Amazon. With 150 million+ Prime subscribers, this could represent more of your customer base than you realize. Without stitching the data together with Marin + Amazon Attribution, these Amazon conversions are a blind spot when measuring your ROI.

How do I close the loop?

The challenge this presents is that you have spend in one channel (e.g. Google) and sales in another (Amazon). Marin automatically stitches the data together, providing advertisers the true ROI. Bidding can then be based on the Amazon sales data.

Benefits of Enabling

  • Cost and Revenue data together – an accurate measure of your ROI
  • Automated bidding against total revenue, including Amazon Attribution revenue data and event metrics
  • Better budgeting allocation decisions
  • Eliminate the blind spot of conversions happening elsewhere
  • Gain valuable insight into Consideration metrics like Detail Page Views and Clicks
  • Automed keyword-level attribution with minimal setup

Should I Send Traffic Directly to Amazon?

Using Google and Facebook paid advertising off-Amazon to drive traffic to Amazon can be a great way to grow sales on Amazon. According to a survey, 52% of shoppers are more likely to buy an unfamiliar brand on Amazon vs any other store. Think, for example, of using a “Buy Now on Amazon” Google sitelink that takes visitors directly to your Amazon Store. Or an Instagram ad that takes visitors directly to the Amazon Product Detail Page with an “Add to Cart” button.

How can Marin Help?

We are excited to be providing this innovative cross-channel feature to advertisers selling on Amazon today. If you’d like to learn more about how this can benefit your business, fill out the form with some information and we’ll be in touch.

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