What Is Dayparting for Amazon?

January 6, 2020

We all have our own online shopping styles. Some of us like to shop on our morning commute, some on the soccer sideline on Saturday mornings, others in the evening, glass of wine and credit card ready.

Where are many of these shoppers turning their online attention to these days?

The short answer: Amazon.

Giving Amazon the Time of Day

Amazon now has over 90 million U.S.-based Prime subscribers. What do these subscribers do? They order from Amazon. A lot. On average, Prime users places 60 orders a year.

Today, advertisers know their peak selling times and can act on that information. It's safe to say that most advertisers are happy to pay more for customers who are more likely to purchase. This is where digital advertisers can greatly benefit from having a dayparting strategy in place.

What Is Dayparting?

For those not already in the know: dayparting is a term that broadcast programmers created. It essentially refers to scheduling broadcasts during optimal times of the day.

In pay-per-click advertising, the term refers to scheduled increases or decreases on search keyword bids. This way, advertisers can increase their bids/visibility during peak converting hours or promotions.


Dayparting with Amazon Advertising

Since Amazon Advertising is so new, it doesn’t yet have dayparting functionality. However, Amazon advertisers experience changes in sales based on time of day and day of week, and should consider layering a keyword bid multiplier. The bid multiplier reflects the expected change in keyword performance for a given time of day or day of week.

This is where Marin’s dayparting tool for Amazon automates bid change strategies, based on conversion data, to ensure an advertiser has the right bid at the right time.

Advertisers who manage their Amazon accounts via Marin’s platform can view, create, edit, and delete bid schedules of a single Amazon campaign or across multiple campaigns. You can make bid schedules different for each hour or set them up in blocks. You can also set them up separately for each day, or make them different for weekdays compared to weekends or the same on all days.

In Marin, setting up dayparting for bidding is user-friendly and easy to decipher:


Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about this feature and Marin’s bidding support for Amazon, please reach out to your account rep. Or, if you’re new to Marin and would like to start getting the most out of your Amazon Advertising, schedule a demo today.

Cassie Pisano

Marin Software
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