Workflows and tools that run your digital marketing campaigns for you

Dynamically update keywords

Identify growth opportunities and avoid wasted spend with Keyword Expansion. Automatically process keywords based on clicks and conversions.

Keyword Expansion Feature
Shopping Ads

Build campaigns from your product feed

Automatically build out text and shopping ads with Dynamic Campaigns. Pause and resume based on inventory levels, with no manual work.

Stay informed on changes to your accounts

Sleep well at night knowing that our Automated Alerts will notify you of any unusual activity in your accounts. MarinOne can automatically highlight large changes in performance so you don’t have to manually review campaign.

MarinOne Shareable Dashboards

Work faster with bulk uploads

Unified bulk uploads allow you to work across accounts and publishers with a single action. Inline editing allows you to make adjustments or corrections without returning to Excel.

Campaign Reporting & Filtering
Dimensions Reporting

Analytics to action

Easily ask questions of your data and make changes directly from your results. No more importing and exporting of data.

Additional capabilities

User-level Saved View
Currency Conversion
Day-over-Day Comparison
Shareable Saved Views
Segmentation by Device
Week-over-Week Comparison
Email Alerts
Unlimited Conversion Types
Year-over-Year Comparison
Advanced filters
Date of Click Reporting
Bar Charts
Absolute Change
Date of Conversion
Scatter Charts
% Change
Pie Charts