The Challenge
the challenge

Are you missing data due to URL tagging error?

Accurate measurement of your digital marketing depends on the URL parameters that link the ad interaction with the visit to your website or app. Incorrect, missing, or duplicate parameters result in missing data conversion data. Without the complete data, you’re making decisions on a shaky data foundation.

Google Ads simplifies with Autotagging, but what about your other channels?

How often have you Googled “UTM parameters” to find a UTM builder or copied a hard-coded value in a spreadsheet to the wrong row? There is a better way…

Marin’s URL Builder is here to help.

Eliminate tagging spreadsheets with URL builder

Marin’s URL Builder ensures all keywords, placements, product targets, site links, and creatives in an account have appropriate tracking parameters or redirects included in their destination URLs. It will not only build new URLs that include the user’s required parameters automatically as new objects are added through Marin or synched from the publishers but will also locate and correct any malformed and duplicated URLs that exist within the account on an ongoing basis.

URL Builder makes the transition to Marin seamless by rebuilding existing URLs automatically when users move onto Marin and saves the marketer time on an ongoing basis by automatically generating new URLs based on the current structure whenever new objects are added.

URL Builder supports single and double redirects, with the intelligence to handle the necessary encoding and decoding of the parameters.

Manage URL templates across channels

URL builder works across channels, so there is no need to maintain separate tracking configurations. It also works on publishers with Tracking Templates, like Google and Bing, and those where you need to set the destination URLs directly.

Get complete visibility with granular tagging

You must feed the AI with the most granular data possible for the best results. If you are tagging only at the campaign or account level, you lose valuable signals for optimization. With an automated URL building, tagging down to the individual creative or keyword is a snap.

URL Builder has many custom macros to include additional details about the keyword, creative, or its parents.

Automate custom parameters

The Marin macros make it easy to automate Custom Parameters across channels. You set the parameter's name and the level, and Marin automatically inserts the corresponding value in the URL tracking templates.

Correct URLs with missing  and duplicate IDs

URL builder automatically reviews the URLs of all objects in the system to stop issues before they start. Whether you are building out campaigns in Marin or syncing them down from the publisher, Marin will append

Duplicate tracking IDs are a thing of the past. If Marin understands your URL structure and when it sees a tracking ID re-used, it will change one of the values and update the URL at the publisher.

Are you tired of missing data and complex sheets managing your URL tags? Get started with Marin’s URL Builder today. Looking for a comprehensive firrst-party measurement and attribution solution? Check out Marin Attribution.