Marin Autopilot simplifies life for digital marketers. Simply give us your destination and we’ll make sure you get there, automatically.



Our optimization suite and predictive tools give you the transparency and control that you won’t get from publisher tools.

  • Find the right level of investment for your bid strategies
  • Forecast tradeoffs between spend, volume, and efficiency
  • Automatically pace and maximize performance to a budget


We help you find the right level of marketing investment. As you vary your spend, we forecast the expected conversions, revenue, and profit for your entire account or specific Bid Strategies. Based on your overall goals, Autopilot will allocate spend levels to your Bid Strategies by setting targets and campaign budgets.


Perhaps the most powerful part of Autopilot is making sure you get to your destination, which of course means hitting goals for your program. The Pace module tracks your spend over the course of the month, quarter, or other period you specify and adjust your bidding targets to keep you on track.

  • Estimates spend by day based on day of week, month and year patterns
  • Calculates updated bid strategy targets to stay on pace for total target spend
  • Pushes target to MarinOne Bidding or Google Smartbidding


Bidding is the engine that delivers performance. The predictive algorithms in MarinOne bidding automatically incorporate over 75 signals for incredible responsiveness and accuracy across audiences, devices, geos, and more.

MarinOne Bidding is simple to set up but flexible enough to meet the needs of your business.  It is especially well suited for advertisers with third-party revenue tracking and longer sales cycles.

  • You can use Smart Bidding, MarinOne Bidding or both, it’s your choice
  • MarinOne bidding is ideal for 3rd party revenue tracking and longer sales cycles

Learn More

Click here to download more information on Autopilot.

Learn More

Click here to download more information on Autopilot.

Why do I need Autopilot

  • As a search analyst, I need to be able to tell my manager what the return would be if we increased our investment
  • As the CMO, I want to make sure my team is investing the right amount and allocating to the correct channels
  • As a search lead at an international brand, I need to determine the correct budget allocation across multiple geographies
  • As an agency, I need to make sure I hit my clients target budget
  • As an SMB agency, I need to automatically hit a spend target for a large number of clients