Automatically Identify Opportunities for Growth


MarinOne Insights delivers customized, cross-channel recommendations designed to increase campaign performance. MarinOne scans your account daily and uses historical data to uncover opportunities to reduce wasteful spending and capitalize on volume in high-performing areas.

Insights also provides performance impact estimates for incremental spend, conversion, and revenue and examples to show you exactly what you stand to gain when implementing recommendations. A downloadable CSV data file makes it easy to turn these insights into action.

Available Insights include:

Keywords: duplicate keywords, keyword bid overrides, keyword count, keyword expansion, keyword match type expansion, keyword publisher expansion, negative keyword expansion, single keyword ad groups

Ecommerce: Amazon keyword expansion, top performing Amazon ads, top performing products

Ads: ad copy optimization, ad count, ad optimization, disapproved ads

Bidding & Budgets: bid caps, bid changes preview, bid floors, bidding reactivity, budget capped campaigns, enhanced CPC, forecasting target opportunities, low volume bid strategies

Marin Setup: invalid credentials, landing page errors, sync errors

And we're adding more all the time. To learn more about how MarinOne Insights can work for you, fill out the form and we'll be in touch soon.

Marin Insights identifies opportunities for growth and cost savings automatically across 19 different countries. There is no way we could have discovered everything manually. I trust the recommendations because they are based on our conversion data and our goals, not the publishers.

Paid Search Lead, Nissan

Check out our blog for more on MarinOne Insights.

Check out our blog for more on MarinOne Insights.

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