Maximize the return on your marketing investment

Are you on pace to hit your budget?

Budget Optimizer continually monitors your campaign spending and automatically adjusts allocation to keep you on target. Never worry about over or under spending again.

Do you need to understand the impact of budget changes?

MarinOne understands the marginal return of each marketing dollar, including the impact on conversion, revenue, and profit. As you increase or decrease your overall budget, we'll show you the impact on efficiency and volume.

Need Shared Budgets to work across accounts and channels?

Budget Optimizer is the answer. Map any number of campaigns from multiple Google and Bing accounts to a Strategy with a shared spend goal. Ultimate flexibility regardless of your account structure or program complexity.

Does budgeting take too much of your time?

Automated reporting visualizes your performance against plan, sending alerts if anything is off track and needs your attention. Finally, scalable budget management for programs of any size.

Need flexible budget allocation rules?

Budget Optimizer offers flexible allocation rules: you can specify a fixed dollar amount, a percentage allocation by campaign or embed an impression share target with an overall spend goal.

How brands and agencies use Budget Optimizer

SMB Agencies
Account managers can manage hundreds of budgets at scale with an easy-to-read dashboard and automation to ensure you hit the target.
Manage Promotions
Create a budget to track budget for a specific promotion with flexible date ranges.
Monitor Co-op Budgets
Separate in-house dollars from co-op budget for simple reporting and compliance.
Multi-line Business
Easily allocate budget across lines of business.
Automotive Agencies
Manage Tier 2 and 3 budgets at scale to prevent overspending.
Channel Partners
Monitor and manage shared partner budgets in one place.
"Budget Optimizer has ensured a much more targeted approach to our Search and Social campaigns at a 107% increase in conversions and 15% lower overall costs."
- Head of Digital Acquisition at WorldFirst

Budget Optimizer Key Capabilities

  • Organize multiple budgets at once to support  different funnel stages or lines of business
  • Allocate % of budget to specific campaigns
  • Set an impression share goal on priority campaigns and allocate remaining budget
  • Visualize performance vs. plan with easy to read pacing dashboards
  • Transparency to key performance drivers with campaign-level reporting and pacing
  • Automated alerting for campaigns not hitting their targets
  • Customizable rules, including campaign budget caps and maximum daily budget changes
  • Sophisticated temporal modeling adjusts for seasonality: day of week, month and year
  • Access budget performance in your data warehouse with BI Connect
  • Automatically update Google Sheets or Excel with web query automated data publishing

Is your PPC Budget working for you?

Maximize the return of every marketing dollar with MarinOne Budget Optimizer.