Fastweb Increases Paid Search Revenue by 750% with Marin Software


Fastweb Increases Paid Search Revenue by 750% with Marin Software

Marin Software’s adaptive bidding algorithm maximizes ROI for Fastweb

SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 21, 2013Marin Software (MRIN), provider of a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced Fastweb increased revenue from their paid search advertising by 750% through Direct Partners’ deployment of Marin Software. Online marketing agency, Direct Partners, manages Fastweb’s online marketing programs using Marin’s proven platform for search, display, social and mobile.

News Facts:

  • Fastweb, a branch of the Network, is the premier online resource for paying and preparing for college. The company’s integrated online marketing program is the primary source for driving internet users to Fastweb’s website. Fastweb engaged Direct Partners, a digital media agency, to optimize and grow their search and display campaigns. Direct Partners turned to Marin Software to improve Fastweb’s revenue acquisition.
  • Prior to deploying Marin Software, Direct Partners did not have a platform to attribute Fastweb’s online revenue across both search and display. Online conversions were treated equally; as a result, Direct Partners was unable to determine the value of leads and adjust campaigns accordingly. In need of a bidding solution that could automatically maximize revenue by a single ROI goal, Direct Partners chose Marin.
  • Utilizing Marin Software, Direct Partners was able to integrate Fastweb’s existing tracking system with their search and display programs. By aligning revenue outcomes to Fastweb’s digital marketing activities, Direct Partners was able to determine the profitability of different keywords and groups, set ROI goals, and optimize accordingly.
  • After Direct Partners deployment of Marin Software, Fastweb’s paid search revenue-per-month increased 750%. Additionally, the time savings received from Marin’s workflow has allowed Direct Partners to invest more time into testing new search and display opportunities to grow Fastweb’s business and acquire additional revenue.
  • A more complete case study outlining the success of Fastweb, Direct Partners and Marin Software can be downloaded at:


  • “Our data integration into Marin was critical to our success,” said Matt McMahon on behalf of Direct Partners. “The integration process was much easier than we’d imagined. Within the first month of integrating our backend revenue and enabling Marin’s bidding solution, we saw massive efficiency gains. We uncovered new revenue opportunities we had previously overlooked and increased our revenue-per-month by 750%.”
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