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Measuring the impact of ad spend is getting harder, Marin can help.

It’s clear that conversion tracking is vital to your digital advertising. But, challenges abound:

  • Apple tightened its cookie use in Safari. Chrome is following their lead.
  • iOS 14.5 introduces App Tracking Transparency.
  • Data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA and ICO are becoming the norm.

The approaches to this problem – including publisher tools, such as Google Analytics, or third-party analytics providers – are either costly to implement, require a complex setup, or don’t have a multi-channel view.

To succeed in this challenging regulatory environment and understand the true behavior leading up to a purchase, you need a configurable solution that can track multiple events throughout the funnel.

Marin Tracker is a conversion tracking solution with built-in optimization tools that allow you to understand stages that matter in your buying cycle. By unifying your campaign data with sales outcomes and machine learning, you can make data-driven marketing decisions and have a holistic view of all revenue impact from digital marketing efforts – including in-store purchases and call conversions.

With Marin Tracker, you can save time managing tracking codes and spend more time driving your campaigns with rich insights.

Benefits of Marin Tracker

Our configurable dashboards make it easy to track users across multiple channels and devices, and gain a unified view of the ROI impact from all your paid digital advertising efforts.

Tie digital ad spending to offline purchases, with handling of cancelled or refunded orders.Track the number of call conversions to the ad click.

The MarinOne dashboard is responsive and “always on,” providing near real-time insights, conversions, and revenue data.

Save time with our simple tracking link creation wizard, and track consistently across all channels.

Marin Tracker will estimate missing data in Safari as a result of Apple’s ITP update, and offer solutions to account for lost conversions.

Marin Tracker attributes user behavior across the customer journey, on mobile and web, to understand the true impact of your acquisition and engagement efforts.

Multiple configurations help maximize measurement while offering compliance with privacy regulations and restrictions.

Attribute every app install to the marketing campaign and media source that drove it.

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