2 Things Every Social Advertising Strategy Needs

October 17, 2018

If you’ve been in online marketing for a while, you know the importance of having good creative for social advertising.

These days, social media advertising has become so advanced, that in order to get ahead of the competition, manual or automated bid optimization aren’t enough anymore. In fact, 55% of social media advertising optimization now comes from creative management, while the remaining 45% relies on bid and budget changes.[1]

But how can we get the most relevant creative to our audiences in the most efficient way possible?

The First Way: Dynamic Creative

As we know, online advertising is never one size fits all. Facebook gives us a powerful antidote: dynamic creative.

This feature allows you to upload a number of images, videos, and text assets and have the system automatically generate the ads for you. This ensures that the right creative combination reaches the right people, and that they’ll see what’s most relevant to them. From there, they’ll be more likely to take an action.

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The Second Way: A Cross-Channel Strategy

Dynamic creative is great because it saves advertisers time and can provide efficiency. But in order to step it up a notch, a cross-channel strategy is key.

In MarinOne, we use search intent strategies to ensure that we take people’s actual intent when they’re searching for something, and customize the creative response on Facebook. For example, someone might be looking for quality underwear, and as a result, you can retarget them with an ad on Facebook that shows a high-quality image and copy that stresses the excellence of the clothes. This ensures that the creative resonates with them.

A Launch Point for Social Advertising Success

These are just two, quick-win tactics you can use to make sure your advertising campaigns benefit from the best creative, and that your audience information is powered by an automated, cross-channel approach.

Read about how Le Slip Français used these techniques to boost ROI and conversions. Then, to learn more about how Marin can help you implement a successful social advertising strategy, get in touch today.

[1] Facebook Marketing Partners Convention, Dublin, June 2018.

Jon Werckmeister

Marin Software
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