Marin Budget Allocation: Automatically Adjust Budgets to Top-performing Audiences

April 27, 2017

We’re currently running a closed beta of Marin Budget Allocation. With this new feature, Marin Social’s data science team has developed a proprietary algorithm that allows you to automatically adjust budgets within your ad sets based on top-performing audiences.

When paired with CPA bid rules, the budget algorithm increases efficiency of your Facebook campaigns by achieving maximum scale of your ad spend, while keeping the cost per action at or below your target CPA across your ad sets. You can also use the algorithm’s suggested budget recommendations as indicators for budget planning for future campaigns.

facebook bidding

facebook bidding

Key Benefits of Marin Budget Allocation

Algorithmic-based budget optimization should have a tremendous impact on your business and the overall performance of your campaigns. As a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP), Marin Social offers enterprise-grade budget management solutions and exceptional service to assist teams with implementation of complex rules.

Here are the top reasons to take advantage of Marin Social’s algorithmic-based budget allocation:

  • Increased ROI
  • Countless hours of saved time checking in on your campaigns and identifying the best audiences to allocate dollars to
  • Works with all objectives, including support for Dynamic Ads for Retail and Travel
  • Activation is as simple as a switch of a button (see below)

How Does It Work?

The algorithm looks at historical data and continuously monitors performance of individual ad sets within a campaign to determine optimal distribution across each one. The algorithm only monitors active campaigns where automatic adjustments will occur in four-hour cycles throughout the day.

As a best practice, you should pair algorithmic budget optimization with bid management rules to automatically pause any ad sets that aren’t meeting your target goals. Once the algorithm is turned on, you’ll see a column within your media plan called “Suggested Budget” with a recommended total. The budget adjustments that occur automatically to ad sets will never surpass the budget you’ve specified within a campaign.

In terms of algorithmic-based solutions, this is just the beginning, with other great innovations in the works. Our longer-term vision includes expanding across publishers and channels to provide best-in-class, cross-channel performance.

Read about how Spacebar Media used Marin Budget Allocation to increase first-time depositing players by 51% for its Magical Vegas online casino.

"Prior to Marin Social, we were spending countless hours in managing Facebook ads with manual means of optimization using the Power Editor tool. The Marin Social team delivered beyond expectations by successfully increasing the volume of first-time depositing players and lowering costs. I highly recommend Marin for not only their expertise in Facebook advertising but also their innovative optimization features that set them apart from the competition."

- Gidon Jacobs / Digital Marketing Manager/ Spacebar Media

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