Introducing Smart Images for Dynamic Ads

May 25, 2017

To help retail and e-commerce advertisers create more compelling creative and increase sales, today we’re rolling out Smart Images for Dynamic Ads to our customers as a closed beta feature.

Add a Personalized Touch to Stand Out from the Competition

With Marin Social’s drag and drop editor, you can enhance ad creatives with details at a SKU level such as sales price, product ratings, brand logos, or calls to action. Adding these details helps drive higher engagement than Dynamic Ads with plain images and improves sales. As you can see from the images below, Smart Images adds a noticeable improvement to your ad creative.

Save Time by Fully Automating the Creative Process

Dynamic Ads - Layers

Apply Smart Images across all of your products in just a few clicks with a simple-to-use editor that can be mapped to your product feed

Smart Images allows you to automate the entire creative process, since the templates pull each detail in your ad creative from your product feed with up-to-date information at a SKU level, in both the image and ad copy. As information in your product feed changes, your creative updates accordingly in real time. Just think of how many hours your design team would have to put into creating each iteration with that level of detail!

Create Your Own Template or Select One from the Library

Dynamic Ads - Templates

Choose from one of our professionally designed templates or create your own.

Whether you build your own template or choose one from the in-app library, all of your product images are automatically resized to meet Facebook’s specifications. The Smart Images editor gives you complete control of creative elements—all you have to do is edit the Smart Images template once, then in just one click, update thousands of ad permutations across your entire product catalog. You can save your Smart Images templates to reuse later, or create multiple to see which performs best.

Increase Engagement with Clip Art, Background Colors, and CTAs

Dynamic Ads - Inserts

Insert your own text and image layers directly into Smart Images with a library of hundreds of clip art images.

Choose from a library of clip art to add some spice to your product imagery. For example, you could use an emoticon to draw someone into a compelling sales offer or a banner highlighting a sale with slash-through pricing. Usually, product images from your feed come with a background that doesn’t stand out well in Facebook’s feed. You can choose from an image palette or input RGB details to adjust the color of any layer in your ad image, including the background. Be sure to use a .PNG file in your product feed so that there’s no overlap in the background color.

Interested in Smart Images for Dynamic Ads?

If you’re interested in implementing Smart Images contact your CS representative today or request a demo.

Brett Loney

Marin Software
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