Message Booster: Automatically Amplify Your Best Organic Posts

March 19, 2019

Our social marketing clients use Marin’s Message Booster to automatically promote organic posts with high engagement metrics as paid advertisements.

The reality is that organic content on social media is still very important, with its unique ability to help brands create a community of loyal followers and customers. Despite their reach shrinking on social, organic posts still play an important role in communicating a brand’s lifestyle and values to consumers and potential consumers, giving that brand a “voice” for users to research and relate to.

Organic posts trigger conversation and the content brands create evokes a response from readers. Good content creation focuses on posts, videos, tweets, and pictures that a brand’s ideal audiences want to engage with.

Enter Marin’s Message Booster.

Your Content Takes Center Stage

Message Booster is a dedicated social media management tool aimed at streamlining Community Management (CM) processes and paid media content promotion. Where engagement rates on organic content are high, the Message Booster functionality allows you to promote it as a paid page post, with a simple click of a button.

organic post

Now, the same content that’s resonating with your audiences at an increasingly high rate can break through Facebook’s algorithms and into feeds as paid media, for incremental reach and exposure. Think of it as a vetting process—you know which brand messaging is working, and now you want to allocate more budget to it!

Flexibility and Control

Like all paid advertisements on Facebook, you can set additional controls such as ad set budget, audiences, delivery method (standard/accelerated), and ad scheduling. However, you can also set rules to automate these controls.

Once created, these rules are “always-on” and ensure that every trending opportunity is capitalized, without the need for manual activation. You can use metrics such as engagement on post, engagement rate, negative feedback, reach, and specific post elements (caption, description, title, etc.) as conditions to trigger the creation of the post, as shown here:

organic post

Key benefits of Marin’s Message Booster include:

  • Fast and simple interface
  • Time savings and workflow efficiencies
  • Automated content promotion rules (also known as “auto-boost”)
  • A holistic view into community engagement data and insights
  • Management of several Facebook Pages on a single interface

Want to learn more about Message Booster? Contact your account representative today, or sign up for a demo if you’re not currently a customer!

Farah Shalwani

Marin Software
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