Search, Find, Advertise: Google's New YouTube Ad Options

November 19, 2019

Google launched Shopping ads on YouTube a few years ago. However, earlier this month, they announced they’ll be expanding these ads to the YouTube home feed and YouTube search results.

This product-based ad type not only matches to users’ keywords in searches, but can also match to user’s “expressed interests.” These interests are likely indicated by the user’s viewer video history and video content itself.

Shopping ads in general remain a powerful option and source of growth for retail advertisers. According to our latest benchmark report, retailers spent 40 percent of their budgets on Shopping ads in Q3 2019. And, the number of clicks on Shopping ads increased 14 percent quarter-over-quarter, all pointing to continued opportunities for marketers.

Video Drives Sales

Why is YouTube, in particular, so important for retail advertisers? Well, according to Google, “Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase,” and of those people, “90% say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube.”

Now, by expanding its YouTube ad offerings, Google is providing retailers a new way to reach consumers when and where they’re most likely to “shop around.”

Who Can Run YouTube Shopping Ads

Advertisers who are already using standard Shopping campaigns today and are opted in to YouTube on Display Network will be automatically eligible to run YouTube Shopping ads. Advertisers who are not opted into the campaign-level setting to include Display Network will need to opt-in in order to surface their Shopping ads on YouTube.

A Few Tips for Optimizing YouTube Shopping Ads

To stand out and get noticed in YouTube’s home feed and search results, be sure to:

  • Correctly categorize your products within your product feed—this way, they’ll show up in the right context.
  • Draw attention by including captivating, high-quality product images.
  • Test performance to see what kind of new results you’re generating by opting into YouTube versus Display network.
  • Stay on-brand and consistent, and think about similarities between this ad type and, for example, product ads on Instagram.

If you’re a Marin customer and need help with these ad placements, get in touch with your account representative. If you’re new to Marin and would like to learn more, schedule a demo today.

Andrew Todd

Marin Software
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