The Best of Search and Social: 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Facebook Marketing Partner

March 30, 2017

So, you’re in the market for a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP). Maybe your search campaigns are bringing in major clicks, and your social’s not too shabby, either. Now, you’d like to coordinate your search and social efforts, to streamline workflows and standardize your data sets in the areas where Google and Facebook intersect—and increase the impact of your search and social advertising.

When you’re evaluating an FMP’s cross-channel offering, you should select a partner who can adequately address these questions and considerations:

  1. Does the platform ingest product feeds to Google and Facebook for dynamic remarketing, cross-sell, up-sell, and prospect targeting? For enterprise advertisers with thousands or even millions of SKUs, a feed-based management solution should be a requirement, as it’d be a very tedious task to manually upload that information.
  2. Does the platform offer cross-channel cloning capabilities from Google to Facebook to streamline the campaign creation process? For example, does it have the ability to clone Google Shopping campaigns to Dynamic Ads on Facebook in one workflow?
  3. Does the platform offer the ability to create custom audiences based on search behavior on Google? Audiences that have expressed interest in a specific SKU or brand are high value, as they’ve shown intent.
  4. Does the platform provide cross-channel attribution to the media spend beyond just last-click attribution?
  5. Does the platform offer bidding and budget management capabilities across channel, or the ability to forecast performance based on one channel’s impact on the other?
  6. What type of vertical expertise does the client services team have? Do they have experience executing campaigns on both Google and Facebook?
  7. Does the client services team provide assistance for more technical components of cross-channel campaign management, such as product feed standardization, conversion pixel deployment, and attribution?
  8. Ask for examples of what a report would look like that captures performance data from campaigns that were executed with the goal of incremental lift on Google and Facebook.
  9. Ask for case study examples of how the cross-channel features impacted performance.
  10. Ask for any insights that can be shared into the cross-channel roadmap to better understand the areas where the platform intends to drive near and long-term innovation.

Brett Loney

Marin Software
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