Cardiff, Wales, UK
  • Confused.com ran a bidding test to confirm if they were continuing to get the best possible results.
  • Marin Bidding delivered improved CPA, Conversions, and Conversion Rate.
  • Marin’s expertise and strategic partnership with Confused.com complemented the bidding results.


With so much confusion in our lives already, Confused.com is helping bring clarity to the world of insurance and financial services. This includes everything from car insurance, car finance, home insurance, van insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, gas and electricity, loans, and much more.

Confused.com is the first and longest-running UK comparison site, formed in 2002. They make it easy to compare a wide variety of insurance types and financial services from a range of trusted providers. Confused helped revolutionize the way we all compare and buy insurance – now, 88% of UK motorists use comparison sites at least once a year.

Marin had a clear plan for getting the best performance from our campaigns and it worked. The Marin team brought a very high level of expertise to the bidding trial.

Jonathan Walker
Paid Search Manager at Confused.com


Paid search is an essential piece of the Confused.com customer acquisition machine and they have used Marin to power their programs for nearly 8 years. To make certain they were still working with the best platform for their needs, they decided to run a bidding test against a potential alternative.


The Confused.com team structured the tests within specific lines of business to provide a clear, isolated read on the impact. The tests were generally run for two months to make sure there would be sufficient data to make a decision. Google’s Drafts and Experiments tool was used to split the traffic 50/50 between Marin and challengers.


In the final test, Marin was able to hit the target CPA and deliver higher conversions than the challenger, resulting in:

  • CPA that was 11% lower than the competition
  • Conversions that were 23% higher than the competition
  • Conversion rate that was 8% higher than the competition