• 10% decrease in CPCs
  • 23% increase in conversion rate
  • 27% increase in investment by Rosetta clients

Leading customer engagement agency

Rosetta is a customer engagement agency for the Empowered Age. Customer Engagement results from a data-driven intersection of consumer insights, experience design and technology enablement. Rosetta’s unique approach to Commerce, CRM and Digital Account of Record assignments has given it a market leadership position since personalized conversion and retention metrics are increasingly being used to drive more intelligent and targeted acquisition across customer segments, products and geographies of global brands.

Rosetta has offices in markets across the US in San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Princeton, New York and London.

Rosetta accounts have experienced a significant increase in strategic productivity based on the efficiencies gained from implementing automatic ad copy scheduling. Being able to remove what historically has been numerous hours of manual management and QA has allowed my team to use that time to work through more data and identify areas of opportunity

Tim Trus
Director, Paid Media

Manually managing cross-channel marketing programs

Rosetta manages cross-channel paid media programs across a number of verticals including financial services, retail, B2B, and pharmaceuticals. Prior to partnering with Marin, campaign management was a manually intensive process that required working directly in each publisher account: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads Manager. Manually stitching reports together and leveraging bulk sheets and editors to make ad copy, keyword, and bid changes to accounts was very time-consuming. Rosetta was spending a disproportionate amount of time managing day-to-day tactical activities versus focusing on strategic growth initiatives and opportunities.

In addition, Rosetta had limited visibility into how keywords were performing throughout the sales funnel to drive awareness, interest, or customer purchases. Lack of insight into brand versus non-brand keyword performance limited their ability to effectively optimize campaigns. Finally, ensuring that their client’s ads were featured in optimal positions on the search engine results page required constant monitoring and manual bid adjustments throughout the day. Rosetta wanted a solution that would automatically adapt to changes in the competitive landscape and adjust bids accordingly.

More time for strategic opportunities and growth

As part of Rosetta’s ongoing mission to drive measurable results for their clients, Rosetta regularly performs a thorough evaluation of marketing campaign management platforms. Since 2011, Rosetta has continually selected Marin Software as the tool best equipped to support and scale with their team and client needs.

Marin addressed Rosetta’s workflow needs by providing a single, unified interface for Google, Bing, and Facebook. The platform offered a full view of cross-channel programs, and immediately saved hours of time on campaign management which could be re-invested into more strategic initiatives. For better reporting, Rosetta implemented Marin Dimensions to tag keywords as brand or non-brand to easily roll-up and compare performance, informing their bidding and optimization strategy. Launching and scheduling new ad creative was also much faster. Using the Campaign Wizard, Rosetta was able to quickly create and test a multitude of ad combinations. This allowed the team to be agile and quickly scale campaigns.

Rosetta also adopted Marin’s patented bidding algorithm, which allowed the team to automatically bid to position throughout the day. This eliminated the need to perform continual and tedious competitive analysis and ensured proper visibility of their client’s ads. Finally, Rosetta utilized Marin’s Customer Success Center, quick-response ticketing system, on-site business reviews and hands-on training to quickly adopt and ramp up marketing programs on the platform.

Impressive results with Marin

Since working with Marin Software, Rosetta experienced significant time-savings, allowing teams to focus on opportunities and initiatives for strategic growth. Furthermore, their client accounts have experienced a marked financial lift. Results included:

  • 10% decrease in CPCs
  • 23% increase in conversion rate
  • 27% increase in investment by Rosetta clients
  • Improved task efficiency and time-savings
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