MarinOne vs...

Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and Amazon Campaign Manager are great tools, but they don't give you edge on the competition or maximize performance across channels.

MarinOne overcomes the limitations of publisher tools


Single Channel

Your customer journey spans multiple channels. Shouldn’t the tools?

Double Counting

If you’re relying on publisher tracking pixels, you are double counting conversions for users who span channels.


Your Goals, Not Theirs

The recommendations coming from the publishers are often focused on increasing your spend. You need Insights that are aligned with your business goals.

Reporting with MarinOne

Limited Customization

Your data is your advantage and publisher tools aren’t sophisticated enough to take full advantage. MarinOne is fully customizable to meet the needs of your business.


Expertise and Support

Get expertise on a level that you won’t get from the publishers.

Channel-Specific Solutions

Platforms focused on a single channel may seem attractive, but without a cross-channel perspective, they have many of the same issues as the publisher provided tools.

MarinOne Software Features

Marketing Analytics / Reporting Platforms:
Good for IT, Bad for Marketers

MarinOne can consolidate data from different publishers into a centralized data warehouse and/or business intelligence platform, like Google Data Studio AND avoid the shortcomings of a reporting-only platform:

Siloed Publishers

Although presented in a single view, the publisher data is still siloed, making it challenging to aggregate across channels by campaign or objective.

No Revenue Integration

Most reporting platforms do not have the ability to link publisher spend with an external source of revenue, so you are stuck using publisher counting with the inherent double counting.


Dashboards and reporting-only solutions mean that you have to log into another platform to make changes. With MarinOne, that's all in one place.

No Currency Conversions

Working across multiple markets can be a challenge. MarinOne allows you to link publisher accounts in different currencies and upload revenue not matter the source.

Added Complexity

With MarinOne, there is no need for additional plumbing in your marketing stack. We can push data out to the data warehouse of your choice.