Adform and Marin Software Partner for Seamless Revenue Attribution and Acquisition Across Online Channels


Adform and Marin Software Partner for Seamless Revenue Attribution and Acquisition across Online Channels

Revenue acquisition management and ad tech platform provide solution to attribute accurate data, and optimise to revenue outcomes across search, display, social, and mobile.

LONDON, UK May 03, 2013 – Marin Software, provider of a leading revenue acquisition management platform, and Adform, Europe’s leading ad tech platform, announced a partnership to provide joint clients with the ability to attribute accurate data and optimise to revenue outcomes across search, display, social, and mobile. Through this partnership, advertisers and agencies using Adform and Marin will have accurate de-duped revenue and conversion data across all online media channels, from which they can accurately attribute, value, and optimise to revenue outcomes across a path-to-conversion.

News Facts

  • In the age of “Big Data”, advertisers sit on a lot of data relating to their online advertising campaigns. Ensuring the accuracy of data and gaining visibility into it at this scale can be fraught with errors and resource constraints. As a result, advertisers struggle to maximise the use of data to optimise revenue outcomes. Adform and Marin Software’s integration will deliver advertisers with accurate post-attributed, de-duplicated revenue and conversion data, coupled with the workflow and optimisation tools required to act on this data across search, display, social, and mobile.
  • Advertisers who take advantage of this turnkey integration will be able to utilise the Adform platform for path-to-conversion analysis across all online media. Within Marin, advertisers will be able to leverage post-attributed data to optimise revenue outcomes across search, social, display and mobile campaigns using post-attributed data from Adform.
  • Independent communications agency, AMS Media Group, is one of the first companies to take advantage of the Adform and Marin Software integration for its clients. Before working with Adform and Marin Software they utilised a technology stack, and client data from search and social advertising was siloed in separate interfaces from display advertising data, with discrepancies between the two. As a result, they couldn’t attribute value across a path-to-conversion effectively. Through Adform and Marin Software, AMS Media can now see accurate data across multiple online channels in one interface. They can also attribute value across the path-to-conversion for their clients through Adform, and optimise campaigns towards revenue outcomes within Marin using post-attributed data.


  • There is no doubt online advertising channels are increasingly converging,” said Paul Spokes, Director, AMS Media Group. “This presents a requirement for advertisers and agencies to integrate more data across multiple channels, creating challenges with technology infrastructure and data discrepancies. Adform and Marin Software is the perfect solution to this challenge, as we continue to have best of breed tools in each channel, as well as accurate data in a single interface from which we can better optimise campaigns across channels for our clients.”
  • For advertisers and agencies, getting accurate data across all their online media channels to attribute value from is one of their biggest challenges,” said Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Marin Software. “The integration between Adform and Marin Software not only provides accurate data to attribute value across a path-to-conversion, it also enables marketers with the tools to optimise revenue outcomes from this data.
  • Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer at Adform, commented, “Online advertisers often make important decisions based upon inaccurate data. We at Adform are proud of to offer Europe’s best ad tech platform including full path-to-conversion and tag management. We are delighted to also now offer an out-of-the-box integration with Marin Software which will benefit many of our agency and advertiser clients across Europe
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