Adviso, Canada’s Leading bilingual Web Marketing firm, Selects Marin Software


Adviso, Canada’s Leading bilingual Web Marketing firm, Selects Marin Software

Predictive bidding and global support capabilities lead Adviso to adopt Marin Software’s industry leading platform

July 30, 2013 - Marin Software, provider of a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced that Adviso has selected Marin Software to deliver superior online advertising results. Adviso, which provides Internet strategy and marketing services to businesses, chose Marin’s platform for its predictive bidding capabilities, customized data analysis, and global support services.

“Adviso prides itself on its ability to manage complex online marketing accounts for a variety of businesses, each with unique needs and goals.” said Jean-François Renaud, Partner at Adviso. “Marin Software enables us to exceed our client commitments and boost our obsession for conversions. We look forward to leveraging the Marin platform to help our clients acquire revenue and grow their presence online.”

Adviso, Canada’s Leading bilingual web marketing firm specializing in internet business strategies, selected Marin Software after a thorough evaluation of leading paid search management platforms. to manage and enhance its clients’ paid search marketing programs.

The flexibility of Marin Software’s platform enhances Adviso’s need to analyze data according to custom categories across publishers, regions and brands. Adviso manages the online needs of International brands with complex business logic, therefore creating and optimizing custom data criteria is critical. Marin provides them the ability to easily categorize and compare data sets that matter most to their success.

Marin Software’s predictive bidding allows Adviso to save time and minimize the risk of error associated with manual bidding. It enables the forecasting of bidding outcomes based on existing data. As a result, Adviso can focus on strategic budget allocations to maximize profit and revenue goals for their varied client base.

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