Marin Software Acquisition of SocialMoov FAQ


Marin Software Acquisition of SocialMoov FAQ

Why is Marin Software acquiring SocialMoov?

The acquisition of SocialMoov plays a key role in fulfilling Marin Software’s vision to provide the leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud for advertisers and agencies. Social is the fastest growing category in the digital advertising space. Marin recognizes Social’s long-term importance and is committed to making investments to enhance our leadership in this important channel. Through the acquisition of SocialMoov, Marin inherits a number of new, beneficial capabilities - Facebook video advertising, Twitter API integration, and television synchronization - that will augment Marin’s current social offerings. The combination of SocialMoov and Marin will produce one of the industry’s most comprehensive social advertising tool sets and provide marketers a complete, unified platform through which they can leverage the latest technological advancements in search, display and social advertising.

Furthermore, Marin is a global company with offices in 9 countries and the acquisition of SocialMoov, a European based company, will strengthen Marin’s international presence. Marin’s technology automates advertising with the largest publishers around the globe and SocialMoov compliments Marin from both a product development and market presence standpoint.

Who is SocialMoov?

SocialMoov is a leading cross-publisher social advertising platform in Europe. SocialMoov offers advertisers and agencies the ability to maximize their ROI across Facebook, and Twitter. The company is one of the most innovative and fastest growing social advertising platforms in the world. SocialMoov is a top-five Facebook PMD, was the first European provider to develop Twitter support, and the first social platform to synchronize social advertising with TV ads.

Founded in Paris in 2011 by Sylvain Eche and Véronique Bergeot, SocialMoov boasts customers in more than 30 countries. SocialMoov has four offices located in France, England, and Israel.

How do SocialMoov’s products and Marin Software fit together?

SocialMoov’s platform is complementary with Marin Software’s current social product offering. Integration of the platforms will further streamline advertisers’ workflow and improve results. Additionally, SocialMoov integration will enable advertisers to incorporate Twitter data into their digital marketing campaigns and more effectively reach high-value audiences across search, display and social channels.

How does this acquisition fit into Marin’s broader strategy?

Marin Software’s vision is to provide advertisers and agencies the most powerful cross-channel performance advertising cloud through which marketers can measure, manage and optimize search, display, and social ad campaigns. Acquiring SocialMoov propels Marin’s social offering forward, giving our customers the ability to maximize their ROI across social publishers – Facebook and Twitter. Data from social campaigns will be able to be combined with data from search and display campaigns, allowing advertisers to more accurately create, target and convert audience segments.

Is Marin Software planning any additional acquisitions?

The company’s board of directors and management team is focused on building shareholder value. To the extent there are businesses that can further the company’s cross-channel marketing strategy and fit well with Marin’s core values, the Board of Directors may consider it.

The Deal

How much will SocialMoov be acquired for?

The agreement is expected to close in mid-February, subject to customary closing conditions. Under the terms of the agreement, total consideration for the deal is expected to be $18.75 million, consisting of $8.0 million of cash and $10.75 million in shares of Marin’s stock valued at the ten-day trading average two days prior to entering into the definitive agreement. Up to $2 million dollars in equity awards also will be granted to SocialMoov employees following the closing.

What is the financial impact to Marin Software?

For full year 2015, Marin Software expects the transaction will have no material impact on non-GAAP operating loss.

When is the acquisition expected to close?

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. We currently anticipate closing the acquisition in mid-February.

Key Benefits for Marin Customers

What is the value for Marin’s existing customers?

Key customer benefits of the acquisition include:

  • A proven cross-publisher social advertising platform, along with strategic insights and expertise from working on effective social campaigns for many of the world’s largest advertisers.
  • A social-focused design and product workflow designed to meet the needs of today’s multi-publisher social advertisers.
  • Access to intraday reporting and bidding provides advertisers relevant campaign performance insights any time of the day, enabling smarter, faster decisions.
  • Allowing advertisers to promote and optimize Facebook and Twitter ads based on television flight schedules through TV Sync.
  • SocialMoov allows advertisers to track downstream conversions and the lifetime value of their mobile app advertising investments, helping them make better cross-device optimization decisions.

What is the plan to integrate the SocialMoov platform with the Marin platform?

We're really excited about the potential for SocialMoov's unique, incremental product capabilities to provide an immediate positive impact on our customers' current and future social advertising initiatives. As such, we intend to work closely with all of our current social advertisers to grant them access to SocialMoov's groundbreaking capabilities as soon as possible. Our customer success team will be on point to answer any questions about new publisher support, such as Twitter, and to help advertisers take advantage of new features. Existing Marin customers are encouraged to connect with their Marin customer success contact for more information.

Organizational Impact

Will SocialMoov’s employees be joining Marin Software?

All of SocialMoov’s employees are being asked to stay on at closing.

Will there be any layoffs?

No, there will not be any layoffs.

What will SocialMoov’s CEO role be at Marin Software?

SocialMoov President Sylvain Eche will join Marin’s product team and Executive Director Véronique Bergeot will join Marin’s social team.

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