Marin Software and Boost Media Partner to Transition Advertisers to Google Expanded Text Ads


Marin Software and Boost Media Partner to Transition Advertisers to Google Expanded Text Ads

SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 25, 2016 - Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), the provider of leading cross-channel, cross-device, enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies, has an exclusive partnership with Boost Media to offer advertisers a unique solution to migrate ads over to Google's new "Expanded Text Ads" format with speed and at scale.

Advertisers eager to convert their legacy text ads to Expanded Text Ads can use the one-week service to seamlessly make the transition. Early movers to Expanded Text Ads are expected to reap the most rewards—in early testing, Marin Software observed that this new ad format increased click-through rates by more than 50%.

At its annual Performance Summit, Google announced a historic departure from its desktop-optimized ad format to a new, mobile-optimized format called Expanded Text Ads. This new format has a longer headline and description, and is expected to increase user engagement on both desktop and mobile devices. All advertisers are required to upgrade to Expanded Text Ads in the coming months by rewriting all existing ads to be compatible with this new format. The exclusive partnership between Marin Software and Boost Media makes this transition quick and easy. Advertisers can sign up here.

"Google's Expanded Text Ads are a boon for marketers, since they instantly expand the available search ad real estate and increase the odds of connecting with target audiences," said John McNulty, Vice President of Global Marketing at Marin Software. "As the only company offering an 'easy button' for advertisers to get onto Expanded Text Ads today, we’re looking forward to helping our customers reap the biggest rewards from this enhanced format."

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