Marin Software Announces Integration to Optimize Search, Social and Display Campaigns Against CRM Data


Marin Software Announces Integration to Optimize Search, Social and Display Campaigns Against CRM Data

New service enables digital advertisers to better determine customer lifetime value

San Francisco, CA – August 04, 2014Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced an integration to optimize search, social, and display campaigns against CRM data. Marin Software enables advertisers to optimize to downstream, latent revenue that occurs post lead capture.

The integration will display lead, opportunity, sale, and revenue information from Salesforce in the Marin platform. Salesforce transforms the way companies sell, service, market and engage. Many Salesforce customers also make significant investments in digital channels such as paid search, social and display advertising to generate new revenue opportunities. However, marketers have typically struggled when it comes to connecting the dots between their online advertising initiatives and the sales process. With the new integration, advertisers have a turnkey solution to optimize search, social and display campaigns against CRM data such as leads, sales, and lifetime value metrics. Marketers with long sales cycles are now empowered to make informed decisions about the advertising buys and automate optimization.

“Most advertisers with long sales cycles optimize advertising campaigns based on the leads they drive and have no insight into whether an advertisement results in a final sale down the line,” said Matt Ackley, CMO of Marin Software. “With Marin’s integration to Salesforce data, advertisers can optimize campaigns in real-time based on the metrics that really matter – downstream revenue, conversion, and lifetime value.”

Key benefits of Marin Software’s integration to the Salesforce1 Platform include:

  • Real-time attribution of Salesforce metrics Marketers can automatically synchronize data between Salesforce and Marin Software, saving time and reducing errors. As leads come in via Salesforce’s web-to-lead form, Marin automatically tags them for downstream revenue capturing and conversion tracking. Salesforce exchanges the relevant conversion and revenue information with Marin when the lead progresses to a completed sale. Marketers get complete visibility into which keywords, ad creatives and audiences generate the most sales.
  • Lifetime value forecastingA campaign may drive a high volume of leads, but do these leads ultimately produce sales and if so, at what cost? Marin automatically ingests key metrics from Salesforce to allow marketers to accurately gauge the lifetime value of campaign investments. By comparing lead volume to opportunity value and sales metrics, marketers can forecast the long-term value of their campaigns across multiple channels and make smarter optimization decisions.
  • Automated bid optimization Using lead, opportunity, or revenue data from Salesforce, Marin’s bidding algorithm automatically incorporates a lead’s conversion probability to accurately forecast its value. By leveraging the lifetime value an online lead will generate, Marin takes latency into account when optimizing bidding, resulting in increased visibility and accuracy. Businesses with long sales cycles can thus optimize bids against the long-term value of each campaign.
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