Marin Software Defends Search Ad Position with PositionLock


Marin Software Defends Search Ad Position with PositionLock

Innovative technology senses shifts in ad position and automatically adjusts keyword bids throughout the day to preserve advertisers’ positions on Google and Bing

SAN FRANCISCO, October 21Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced PositionLock, advanced technology from Marin Labs that automatically adjusts keyword bids intraday so advertisers can maintain a certain paid search ad position. PositionLock provides search marketers a level of control unavailable through Google AdWords or Bing AdCenter, heightening advertisers’ mastery over revenue outcomes and giving them a competitive advantage.

News Facts:

  • Nearly two thirds of clicks on the first-page of search ads occur on the top position. With highly competitive keywords, advertisers must constantly monitor bids and manually fend off competitors vying for top ad positions. In an environment where hundreds of millions of auctions transpire every hour, manually adjusting bids to meet aggressive position requirements is nearly impossible and a time sink.
  • To assist advertisers in their efforts to maintain a certain ad position, Marin Software developed PositionLock. This new technology provides search marketers additional control over revenue outcomes by sensing shifts in ad position and automatically changing keyword bids to preserve an advertisers’ ad position.
  • Before adjusting bids, Marin PositionLock captures position data at a keyword level hourly and analyzes the data based on user-defined position goals. To achieve a desired position, historical performance and auction conditions are continuously factored into bid calculations, which are quickly pushed to the ad publisher. The result, a competitive advantage.
  • Marin PositionLock was developed through Marin Labs, a multi-disciplinary team of search, display, social and mobile experts focused on finding innovative solutions to complex digital marketing problems.
  • Marketers interested in learning more about PositionLock should contact Marin Software.


  • “The top ad position is as much about performance marketing as it is about branding. Advertisers not only enjoy an increase in clicks but also incremental view-through traffic,” said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. "A drop in position, particularly with highly competitive keywords, could carry a meaningful impact on revenue. PositionLock lets marketers maintain a degree of control previously unavailable to them, and is the latest in Marin Software’s continual effort to empower advertisers with game-changing technology.”
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