Marin Software Enhances Cross-Channel Bidding to Drive Revenue Acquisition


Marin Software Enhances Cross-Channel Bidding to Drive Revenue Acquisition

Leading digital ad platform provider enables advertisers to maximize revenue outcomes through advanced bid optimization capabilities.

SAN FRANCISCO October 22, 2012— Marin Software, provider of the leading digital ad management platform, today announces enhanced bid optimization capabilities that enable marketers to maximize revenue outcomes across paid search, display, social, and mobile campaigns. Through advanced execution techniques that include predictive analytics, KPI maximization subject to constraints, and adaptive learning methods, advertisers and agencies can now realize increased financial lift through Marin bid optimization.

News Facts:

  • As online advertising budgets rise, marketers have found it increasingly difficult to calculate bids across large-scale campaigns, account for conflicting business goals, and respond to seasonal and market shifts. Today, Marin announces enhanced bid optimization capabilities that allow marketers to maximize revenue outcomes such as clicks, revenues or profit while accounting for multiple business constraints such as budget and performance.
  • Developed by a team of mathematicians and search marketers, the Marin’s enhanced bid algorithm combines Marin’s patented approach to predictive bidding with new constraint-based optimization techniques, allowing marketers to optimize across search, display, social, and mobile ads within a single portfolio. Unlike traditional portfolio-based solutions, Marin’s predictive approach allows marketers to calculate bids quickly to account for new or seasonal placements within client campaigns.
  • By design, the Marin solution preserves visibility and control for the marketer. Advertisers are able to define their own portfolios, set business goals and constraints, and build a forecast of bid outcomes. Using an interactive interface, marketers can now perform “what-if” analysis to understand tradeoffs between volume, cost, and profit associated with varying bid scenarios.
  • The enhancements announced to the Marin bid algorithm are available immediately, allowing clients to maximize financial lift from bid optimization and execution. Initial results show that 77% of clients who have deployed the solution saw financial lift above and beyond that of the prior solution, with an average lift, measured by increase in clicks, conversions, revenue or profit, of 20% or more.


  • “Marin’s next-generation bidding is a tremendous leap forward for digital advertisers,” said Wister Walcott, co-founder and EVP of Products, Marin Software. “Historically marketers have struggled to meet the conflicting business goals of maximizing volume while minimizing costs. Today, Marin has delivered a bold new solution for attaining these dual goals, while providing the marketer with complete control over the priorities. In the fast-paced and competitive battlefield for online revenues, this visibility and control gives marketers the critical edge they need to increase performance and profits consistently over time.”
  • “The complexity of our online advertising programs made it time consuming to gain insights and difficult to act on them,” said Lina Harjono, Senior Manager of Paid Search at Symantec Corporation. “In the face of multiple conversion types, multiple publishers and campaigns that span not only search but also display and retargeting, Marin Software brings everything together into one unified view and automatically optimizes our spend, saving us a ton of time and helping us deliver on financial goals.”
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