Marin Software Launches Audience Marketing Suite to Help Advertisers Identify and Target Profitable Audiences to Drive More Cross-Channel Conversions


Marin Software Launches Audience Marketing Suite to Help Advertisers Identify and Target Profitable Audiences to Drive More Cross-Channel Conversions

New set of applications integrates the power of search intent, social demographics, and website behavioral data to create high-value audiences to target and retarget across the Web, Google, and Facebook

San Francisco, CA - September 24, 2014 - Marin Software (NYSE:MRIN), provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud, today announced the launch of the Marin Audience Marketing Suite (AMS). The unified platform combines the power of search intent with demographic and behavioral buying signals to find and convert marketers’ most profitable audiences. By fusing data from the once disparate sources of search, social and display, marketers now can synchronously identify and target their highest-value audiences across digital channels and devices.

News Highlights:

  • The online customer buying journey is increasingly complex, so understanding and targeting audiences has become imperative for marketers looking to deliver a cohesive campaign experience to users across channels and devices. Marin Software’s Audience Marketing Suite offers brands and agencies a powerful set of applications to identify and create active, profitable audiences using marketers’ proprietary search intent, social demographic and website behavioral data. These precise audiences can then be targeted and retargeted with hyper relevant messages across the Web, Google, and Facebook.
  • Through AMS, advertisers can incorporate buying signals from their search and social campaign data, then layer second- and/or third-party data to create and manage even more profitable audiences. Within a single platform, AMS allows marketers to report and analyze campaign performance at an audience level across search, social and display channels. Audience lists can be used for retargeting in Google RLSA, Facebook Website Custom Audiences, and Marin’s cross-channel retargeting platform, Perfect Audience.
  • For example, with AMS a retailer can identify and segment brand-loyal customers versus new customers. Marketers could implement different bidding strategies and ad creative for each group. To reach brand-loyal customers more effectively at lower costs, marketers could leverage Google RLSA or retarget existing customers across social and display channels. To better reach new customers, aggressive bidding on generic keywords with corresponding creative could be implemented.
  • In another scenario, AMS could be used by travel and hospitality providers to create an audience of prospects interested in traveling to a particular destination. Once a potential customer clicks on a search ad for that destination, rather than continue to target that individual on search and pay a premium for an expensive keyword, the advertiser could retarget the individual with creative on Facebook or display channels for a substantially lower cost.


  • “Targeting your audience with a relevant message is at the heart of marketing,” said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of product at Marin Software. “The tangled online landscape makes it difficult for advertisers to consistently reach, message and measure the customer journey. Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite now makes it possible for digital marketers to identify, create and target their highest-value audiences across channels and devices for maximum conversions.”
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