Marin Software Launches PositionLock™


Marin Software Launches PositionLock™

Unparalleled new feature lets advertisers optimize bids automatically throughout the day

SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 26, 2015 – Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud for advertisers and agencies, today announced the general availability of PositionLock™. PositionLock is an intraday bid optimization solution designed to help paid search advertisers maximize visibility, traffic, and conversions by maintaining device-appropriate ad positions throughout a given day.

PositionLock relies on a new, patent-pending algorithm that leverages hourly ad position data to intelligently set optimal bids and bid boosts, and achieve an advertiser’s desired position range goals. With this release, Marin becomes the only digital advertising platform that allows advertisers to automatically optimize preferred position ranges, by device, during the course of a day.

When it comes to targeting consumers, paid search advertisers are constantly dealing with a moving target. With consumer behavior and competitive trends fluctuating throughout the day, reaching the right person at the right time with the right message can be challenging. This is especially true for retail advertisers, who face a fast-approaching holiday shopping season. For example, a retail advertiser whose sales primarily come from mobile devices can opt to have PositionLock enable their best-selling product terms to appear in positions 1-2 for mobile search results, and between 3-5 for desktop.

“We’re making this feature generally available just in time for the holidays since it addresses a real and pressing need,” said Daniel Morris, Director of Product Marketing at Marin Software. “For retailers, there are only a few days over the holidays that can make or break performance for the entire season, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Advertisers end up monitoring their bids for their top product terms, manually, several times during the day. Now, with PositionLock, advertisers can ensure they’re maintaining the best visibility possible during these key periods of the shopping season, on a hourly basis.”

Key Features of PositionLock:

  • Intraday bidding – Unlike other platforms, PositionLock captures data and optimizes bids on an hourly basis (versus daily).
  • Ad positioning – Allows advertisers to set preferred position ranges for their ads, versus a static position.
  • Device-specific position targeting – Ability to have ads appear in positions 3-5 for desktop and 1-2 on mobile – crucial, given that there are only two ad positions at the top of mobile search results pages.
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