Marin Software Launches TV Sync, Powered by TVTY


Marin Software Launches TV Sync, Powered by TVTY

Marin Software’s social platform offers a comprehensive Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter advertising solution synced with television, weather, and sports signals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA November 3, 2015 – Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud for advertisers and agencies, today released TV Sync as part of the Marin Social platform. TV Sync, powered by TVTY, is a revolutionary social advertising solution that leverages television, weather, and sports signals to power Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising campaigns, amplify reach, and drive consumer engagement across screens.

According to Time Warner,1 65% of people with a smartphone and a tablet are likely to use social media while watching television. This symbiotic and complementary relationship between television and social advertising has energized the advertising industry and presents a significant opportunity to reach relevant, high-value customers at a time when their attention and engagement are high.

Using Marin Social’s TV Sync, advertisers can automatically activate social ads based on dynamic offline events including television ad flight schedules, program schedules, weather changes, or sporting events, all in real-time. TV Sync allows advertisers to amplify and extend their messages to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users, across multiple screens.

Marin is TVTY’s premier partner for social advertising. TVTY, the ‘moment marketing’ company, allows brands and agencies to use real-time contextual data captured from television programs, sporting events, and weather sources to make their digital marketing more relevant and engaging for consumers across channels and devices. As TVTY’s preferred social advertising platform, Marin Social advertisers can now run contextually targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using television signals from over 400 national and local channels across 25 countries in North America, EMEA, and Australia.

“Our research indicates that people who are exposed to both TV and social ads demonstrate an increased level of ad recall, brand linkage, and likeability linkage,” said Avik Dey, EVP, Product and Engineering at Marin Software. “We’re excited for the release of our innovative TV Sync solution, since it enables social ads to complement TV ads and amplify advertising messages across screens. TV Sync has the potential to positively impact advertising results across a number of brand advertising KPIs that our Marin Social customers track and measure.”

Eliott Reilhac, CEO of TVTY, said, “With demand from brands and agencies growing rapidly for ‘moment marketing’, it was a logical fit for us to partner with the leading advertising management platform. We’re excited that Marin’s extensive client base has access to our proprietary technology and can now connect with consumers in the moments that matter.”

With this release, Marin Social offers a comprehensive Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter advertising solution that targets and optimizes to relevant audiences based on television ads, programs, live sporting events, and weather. Advertisers can now manage, measure, and optimize their TV-synced social media campaigns using the full breadth of Marin Social features.

Key Features of TV Sync:

  • Sync Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads with live events or scheduled TV programs to appear simultaneously and target relevant viewing audiences.
  • Gain competitive mindshare by having relevant social ads appear at the same time a competitor’s ads are appearing on television.
  • As weather patterns shift or severe weather forecasts are announced -- such as precipitation and temperature changes -- automatically deploy relevant social ads with weather-focused creative.

About TVTY

TVTY enables brands and agencies to optimize the timing of their digital campaigns in context. With TVTY, advertisers synchronize their digital investments with TV spots and shows, sporting events and weather, to communicate at the right time. With TVTY's SaaS Moment Marketing Platform, users pick moments (such as TV spots) and sync their existing digital campaigns. TVTY is already integrated with leading DSPs and ad servers, and is compatible with all digital marketing channels: search, banners, video and social. TVTY is a VC backed start-up that has offices in New York, London and Paris and operates in more than 30 different countries worldwide. TVTY offers premium advertising solutions to top-tier brands such as McDonald's, O2, Coca-Cola, Ford, Samsung, Microsoft, Kia and more.

1. “What Does Second Screen Mean for Viewers and Advertisers?”, Adweek, March 31, 2013,

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