Marin Software Publishes Google Enhanced Campaign Migration Guide


Marin Software Publishes Google Enhanced Campaign Migration Guide

Comprehensive guide for search marketers outlines a strategic approach for migrating and optimizing Google enhanced campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 28, 2013 — Marin Software (MRIN), provider of a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform for advertisers and agencies, today released a guide for search marketers outlining the key steps for migrating paid search campaigns to Google enhanced campaigns. With the July 22 transition deadline fast approaching, preparing, migrating, merging and optimizing search marketing programs is critical to digital advertisers. The Search Marketers Guide for Migrating to Google Enhanced Campaigns provides search marketers a walk-through of essential requirements and best practices for post-migration success.

News Facts:

  • In February, Google announced enhanced campaigns for AdWords in an effort to simplify paid search bidding across multiple device types, locations and contexts. The changes to AdWords change how marketers target devices. Unless campaigns are migrated by the July 22 deadline, the performance and effectiveness of marketers’ search campaigns could be significantly affected. To help marketers prepare in advance of the deadline, Marin Software issued a guide entitled “The Search Marketers Guide for Migrating to Google Enhanced Campaigns”.
  • Marin Software’s strategic guide reviews what Google enhanced campaigns are, establishes a plan for migrating to enhanced campaigns, walks through the requirements for executing a comprehensive migration, and highlights best practices for post-migration success. The guide is available to all search marketers at:
  • Marin Software will host a complimentary Webinar for search marketers on Thursday, June 6, outlining best practices for a successful migration to Google enhanced campaigns. Advertisers interested in attending the Webinar can register at:
  • Migrating to Google enhanced campaigns does not need to be confusing or complex. Marin Software has partnered with Google and built a hands-on process and resource center to help clients make the switch with minimal interruption to their ongoing campaigns. Marin clients are finding the transition an opportunity to optimize their Google search programs.
  • To learn more about Marin Software’s supported approach to migrating to enhanced campaigns, contact us at:


  • “Google enhanced campaigns is a significant change to Adwords, and, as with other significant changes, savvy advertisers see this as a good opportunity to drive better performance,” said Chris Lien, CEO at Marin Software. “As Google’s largest search advertising API partner and with many of the world’s largest brands and agencies relying on the Marin platform, we have a thoughtful perspective on enhanced campaigns and how to make a successful migration. Through our guide we hope to share our expertise on how to not only make a successful transition, but how to optimize performance for enhanced campaigns.”
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