Marin Software Pushes Digital Marketing Innovation with Marin Labs


Marin Software Pushes Digital Marketing Innovation with Marin Labs

Talented, multi-disciplined team creating new revenue opportunities for digital marketers within the Marin platform

San Francisco, CA October 10, 2013 Marin Software(NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced the formation of Marin Labs, a multi-disciplinary team of search, display, social and mobile experts focused on finding innovative solutions to complex digital marketing problems. Often partnering with leading brand and ad agency customers to scope and test the solutions, Marin Labs is designed to hasten innovation and enable even faster digital advertising industry growth.

News Facts:

  • Since 2007, Marin Software has been at the forefront of innovation, leading to $5 billion in annual ad spend managed on the Marin platform. Directed by a team of digital advertising professionals with deep technical and analytical experience with many of the world’s largest advertisers, Marin Labs offers customers a collaborative environment to solve difficult online marketing challenges.
  • Leveraging Marin Labs, customers have access to leading edge research and development, unconventional features, advanced partner integrations and service offerings. Recently developed Marin Labs solutions include intraday Facebook creative rotation, intraday Facebook bidding, and SmartGrid data interface.
  • Facebook creative has an inherently short shelf life. Once “ad fatigue” sets in, performance marketers must regularly and often manually refresh their ads. With Intraday Creative Rotation, Marin Labs addresses this Facebook marketing challenge by automatically cycling through ads based on real-time performance. Intraday Creative Rotation also provides Facebook marketers with a simple and reliable way to identify and isolate high performing images, headlines, and landing pages based on intraday A/B testing. Marin Software is the only Facebook advertising platform that can automatically change creative intraday within a campaign.
  • Marin Software analysis has revealed many clients experience significant fluctuations in Facebook campaign performance throughout the day due to hourly shifts in consumer engagement and competition. Intraday Facebook Bidding solves this problem by automatically adjusting creative bids throughout the day based on real-time changes in performance and consumer demand.
  • The SmartGrid data interface significantly reduces the amount of computing power and processing time to load, view, and act on large data sets common to search marketers. SmartGrid can drastically reduce page load times and speeds up daily workflow for even the largest advertisers managing millions of keywords. Marketers will experience a more agile workflow that supports faster at-a-glance reporting, analysis and campaign adjustments.
  • Marin Software customers interested in learning more about Marin Labs should contact their account manager for further details.


  • “As a market leader, Marin Software has had the privilege of working with many large and sophisticated partners and customers over the years,” said Brian Kaminski, senior vice president of customer success at Marin Software. “The result has often been Marin Software building unique solutions to complex advertising challenges. With Marin Labs, we wanted to ensure we were sharing these ideas with our broader customer base to accelerate the level of innovation and push the industry forward.”
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