Marin Software Releases Its Next Generation of Media Plans


Marin Software Releases Its Next Generation of Media Plans

SAN FRANCISCO, CA April 26, 2017 — Today, Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), a leading provider of cross-channel, cross-device, enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies, announced a new feature, Multi-Objective Media Plans.

This new enhancement allows social advertisers to create campaigns and view performance across objectives within a single media plan. This is a significant workflow enhancement that greatly reduces data clutter and the amount of time it takes to launch campaigns.

Multi-Objective Media Plans are especially effective for enterprise advertisers or agencies that want to organize performance across complex initiatives. Users can organize campaigns within a single media plan by criteria like region, teams, brands, or new vs. existing customer strategies to understand performance across the customer journey.

For example, an advertiser could create a Multi-Objective Media Plan with video ad campaigns for enhanced top-of-funnel awareness and Lead Gen Ad campaigns for bottom-of-funnel conversions. This would allow the advertiser to view performance metrics across both objectives in the same view and better understand the costs associated to conversion with each touch point.

“With the customer journey being as fragmented as it is, it’s important to have a single, holistic view of marketing performance,” said Brett Loney, Product Marketing Manager for Social at Marin Software. “Multi-Objective Media Plans provides this view. Plus, it takes the complexity out of ad campaigns, serving all of the needs of the campaign and providing the ability to gain an understanding across an entire marketing portfolio.”

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