Marin Software Releases Support for Bing Product Ads


Marin Software Releases Support for Bing Product Ads

Integrated support allows advertisers to manage and optimize campaigns as well as analyze up-to-the-minute insights for Bing Product Ads

SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 29, 2013Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform for advertisers and agencies, announced support for Bing Product Ads. Through the Marin platform marketers can now efficiently create and edit Bing Product Ads as well as generate automated reports, significantly improving workflow while also delivering greater insight into the performance of Product Ads.

With Marin’s support for Bing Product Ads, advertisers will be able to:

  • Simplify management of Bing Product Ads. Using Marin’s bulk-add and bulk-edit capabilities, advertisers can now create Product Ads campaigns, ad groups, promotional text, negative keywords, and product targets quickly and easily. With a few clicks, advertisers can quickly edit a set of product target bids, replace promotional text within specified ad groups, and schedule the launch of Product Ad campaigns.
  • Optimize the performance of Bing Product Ads. Using Marin Dimensions, advertisers will be able to to tag Product Ad campaigns, ad groups, and product targets for in-depth segmentation and analysis, unconstrained by account structure. With Marin’s interactive charting and advanced filtering capabilities, advertisers can quickly visualize trends, identify outlying data, and take immediate action to improve Product Ads performance.
  • Track and manage product URLs automatically. Using Marin’s URL Builder, advertisers can leverage Bing's dynamic URL parameters to automatically append tracking parameters to product target URLs, based on their existing tracking system. This eliminates the need to manage URL tracking through Merchant Center, and enables users to track performance down to individual product targets and Product Ads.
    Upload revenue for product targets. Marin clients can now upload revenue data to Bing Product Ads using Marin’s “Keyword ID” feature. Advertisers can quickly and easily upload revenue files to align Product Ads’ cost data with revenue at the product-target and creative levels. As a result, advertisers gain greater visibility into high-performing keywords and can adjust bids accordingly.

Leveraging Marin's singular view of search, display, mobile and social advertising, Bing advertisers can compare and contrast campaign results across digital channels to gain insights that can further increase the profitability of their online campaigns.

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