Marin Software Releases Support for Google Enhanced Campaigns


Marin Software Releases Support for Google Enhanced Campaigns

Support of new Google enhanced campaigns allows marketers to easily manage paid search bids across devices and locations within the Marin Software platform

San Francisco, CA March 11, 2013 – Marin Software, provider of a leading revenue acquisition management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced support of Google’s recent enhanced campaigns changes to AdWords. Using the Marin platform, marketers can now effectively measure, manage and optimize Google enhanced campaigns.

News Facts:

  • With the rise of mobile devices, Google recently announced enhanced campaigns for AdWords in an effort to simplify paid search bidding across multiple device types, locations and contexts. Rather than create separate campaigns for each device type – smartphones, tablets and desktops – and manage the bids for each separately, Google enhanced campaigns allow advertisers to target devices and locations by adjusting bids within a single campaign.
  • To continue providing marketers with a comprehensive revenue acquisition management platform, Marin Software released new features to support the enhanced campaign changes in Google AdWords.
  • Through the Marin Software platform, marketers can now:
  • Create enhanced campaigns
  • Import existing enhanced campaigns into Marin, allowing all campaigns to be managed through Marin’s single platform and interface
  • Migrate legacy campaigns to enhanced campaigns instead of having to re-create them
  • Target mobile devices by setting campaign-level mobile bid adjustments and creating mobile preferred ads
  • View the campaign type, bid adjustment value and ad preference in their respective grid views
  • Marin Software’s iterative release process, with over 10 platform releases per year, allows Marin to be agile and responsive to publisher innovation. As a result, Marin will support additional Google enhanced campaign features, including bulk-edit and multi-edit functionality for device preferences; cost and revenue reporting by device; scheduled ad extensions; mobile bid adjustments within Marin’s bidding solution; location-based bid adjustments; and the creation and management of mobile specific site links.


“Marketers are entering a new world with Google enhanced campaigns, and Marin Software is committed to helping them along the way,” said Matt Lawson, vice president of marketing and partnerships at Marin Software. “According to our research, smartphones and tablets will account for a third of paid-search clicks by the end of this year. So while the method for targeting devices may have changed, the importance of mobile has not. Marin Software offers a platform through which search marketers can leverage Google enhanced campaigns to maximize outcomes.”

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