Marin Software Research Forecasts Solid Shopping Ad Performance for Q4 2016


Marin Software Research Forecasts Solid Shopping Ad Performance for Q4 2016

Mobile and Paid Search Unite to Attract On-the-Go Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA July 19, 2016 – Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), a leading provider of cross-channel, cross-device, enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies, released research findings today forecasting paid search and mobile performance for Q4 2016. The research results, actionable analysis, and key takeaways for the upcoming 2016 shopping season are published in The State of Shopping Ads: 2016 Cross-Channel Marketing Report.

Marin’s research predicts:

  • 40% of all shopping ad dollars will be on a smartphone
  • 37% of paid search clicks will be on a shopping ad
  • Social clicks and spend share should flatten out and remain at current levels

To create its report, Marin looked at month-over-month variations, and factored in seasonal shifts in performance, to forecast where digital retail advertising will be by December 2016. In addition, Marin sampled the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, to analyze a representative set of enterprise retailers spending over $100,000 per month on Google and Bing text ads and Product Listing Ads (now called Shopping Ads). As such, the data and findings skew toward the performance of larger retailers, and may not reflect performance trends for small retailers. However, the size and diversity of the dataset enables a comprehensive analysis of shopping ad performance.

“As publishers like Google and Facebook continue to innovate with new formats and features, retail advertisers stand to gain new audiences and sources of revenue,” said John McNulty, Vice President of Global Marketing at Marin Software. “And, consumers also benefit—not only is the online shopping experience more tailored to them than ever before, but in a mobile world, they can now easily click during the moments that matter most to them.”

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