Marin Software Unveils Cross-Device Targeting for Display; Adds MoPub and Nexage Mobile Partnerships


Marin Software Unveils Cross-Device Targeting for Display; Adds MoPub and Nexage Mobile Partnerships

Marin Display enables advertisers to reach consumers with consistent, relevant ads as they switch between desktop and mobile devices

San Francisco, CA – February 02, 2015 – Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud, today announced two new key features that can empower marketers with the ability to reach customers across channels and devices. Building off of Marin’s cross-device targeting for search and social, advertisers now have the capability to deliver consistent ads through Marin Display as consumers switch between desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, integration with the top mobile ad exchanges, including MoPub and Nexage, gives marketers the ability to reach consumers via mobile in-app and display ads.

News Highlights:

  • As the meteoric rise of mobile continues and consumers continue to embrace smartphones as a purchasing channel, identifying and reaching prospects on mobile devices is paramount. Similar to its search and social advertising offerings, Marin Software has released two new features that help marketers identify and target their best customers with consistent, more relevant display ads as they switch between desktop, smartphones and tablets.
  • Advertisers can use Marin Display to identify users across different devices and target them. For example, if a prospect visits an advertiser’s site while on a desktop and then switches to a mobile device, the advertiser can serve ads to the prospect on their mobile device based on their desktop visit. Consequently, the advertiser has a greater ability to deliver more relevant ads to the prospect, improving ad performance.
  • Integrating with MoPub and Nexage, two of the top mobile ad exchanges, helps Marin customers to seamlessly target consumers across any device and serve ads from premium mobile inventory. Combined with Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite, advertisers are able to more effectively reach specific audience segments on smartphones and tablets with ads more aligned with consumers’ interests. Advertisers can also take advantage of Marin’s unified cross-device conversion tracking to track the impact of their mobile retargeting campaigns.
  • Marin Software's cross-device targeting for display is available immediately for Marin Enterprise Display and Perfect Audience customers.


  • "Mobile is an increasingly important channel for SeatGeek,” said Nicholas Adkins, marketing analyst at SeatGeek, the leading ticket search engine. “Marin has been a valuable partner for us on desktop, and we are excited to see what they can accomplish with mobile retargeting. Their ability to target people across devices opens up unique opportunities to reach the right audience with the right message on the right platform. We are looking forward to seeing how cross-device campaigns affect our bottom line."
  • “It’s now common for consumers to use multiple devices when engaging with a brand” said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of product at Marin Software. “In the past, an advertiser wouldn’t be able to detect when a site visitor switched devices. With Marin Display, we’re empowering advertisers with this capability and then letting them reach consumers with consistent messaging wherever prospects go.”
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