Marin Software’s Perfect Audience and HubSpot Partner to Link Full-Funnel Marketing Automation and Paid Online Advertising


Marin Software’s Perfect Audience and HubSpot Partner to Link Full-Funnel Marketing Automation and Paid Online Advertising

Integration facilitates building personalized audiences for HubSpot customers to re-engage with ads across desktop and mobile devices on Facebook, Twitter and the Web

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 19, 2015 – Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud, today announced a new product integration that allows the more than 15,000 companies using HubSpot’s platform to align their inbound marketing activities and paid online advertising. This innovative integration lets marketers’ sync their HubSpot landing pages and contact lists with Perfect Audience, which helps them to save time and advertise more effectively. By linking marketers’ inbound marketing and paid online advertising efforts, the new partnership enables a more consistent way to re-engage high-value audiences with personalized messaging across more than 8 billion daily impressions on desktop and mobile devices worldwide, including on Facebook and Twitter.

News Facts:

  • Joint customers of HubSpot and Perfect Audience will be able to connect their accounts, allowing them to more accurately retarget their HubSpot audience lists. Syncing a HubSpot account to Perfect Audience can be accomplished with just one click, avoiding a complex, technical integration.
  • When advertisers build landing pages and Smart Lists in HubSpot, Perfect Audience can automatically create retargeting audiences by leveraging the certified partner integration. The integration also features a nightly sync so that when advertisers create new landing pages and HubSpot Smart Lists, the respective retargeting list also can be created within Perfect Audience. Utilizing this feature makes it easier to sync CRM efforts with paid online advertising campaigns on the Internet, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Using HubSpot Smart Lists in Perfect Audience, customers can personalize their advertising in the same way they personalize email messaging.
  • Once synced, Perfect Audience reports on revenue generated through retargeting campaigns, allowing advertisers to easily connect revenue information back to their HubSpot contacts.


  • “Perfect Audience allows HubSpot customers to take a more inbound approach to advertising by serving up relevant and personalized messaging to prospects,” said Brian Halligan, CEO and co-founder of HubSpot. “This easy and powerful integration will enable HubSpot customers to create richer interactions with retargeting audiences – and, we believe, ultimately drive business growth.”
  • “We are excited to bring the power of retargeting to HubSpot’s customers. By partnering with HubSpot, our advertisers have the added benefit of finding unconverted website visitors and re-engaging them wherever they are – across channels and devices – making their advertising more effective,” said Chris Lien, founder and Executive Chairman of Marin Software.
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