Paid Search: AMF Bowling Centers Maximizes In-Store Sales with Marin Software


Paid Search: AMF Bowling Centers Maximizes In-Store Sales with Marin Software

Linking online marketing programs to in-store coupon redemptions allows AMF Bowling to increase revenues from paid search using leading online advertising platform

San Francisco, CA March 13, 2012 - Marin Software, provider of the leading online advertising management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. increased offline revenues from paid search by tenfold through MediaWhiz’s deployment of Marin Software Enterprise Edition. Online performance marketing agency, MediaWhiz, manages AMF Bowling Centers’ search engine marketing (SEM) programs and leveraged Marin to optimize the bowling company’s online coupon redemption program, resulting in positive bottom-line results for AMF Bowling Centers.

News Facts

  • AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. initiated a coupon redemption program to drive patrons to local bowling alleys. MediaWhiz undertook promoting the campaign online and tapped Marin Software to optimize online marketing efforts. As a result, offline revenues driven by paid search increased tenfold.
  • Since coupons are redeemed offline at local bowling alleys, AMF Bowling Centers required an online management platform with the capability to integrate offline conversion data. Marin Software allowed coupon redemptions to be measured side by side with online click and cost information, enabling AMF Bowling Centers to accurately pinpoint which online campaigns were most profitable.
  • Improved visibility and decision making, coupled with Marin Software’s workflow and bid automation tools, allowing MediaWhiz to more effectively build and edit ad copy for each AMF Bowling Centers geographical region.
  • After MediaWhiz deployed Marin Software, AMF Bowling Centers’ conversion rate jumped 74% and cost per conversion (CPC) dropped nearly 70%.


  • “In two years’ time, MediaWhiz has developed a mutually rewarding partnership with Marin Software, enhancing their product and providing a scalable solution for our growing search practice,” said Adam Ernest, Search Marketing Operations Manager at MediaWhiz. “We've customized Marin to our specific needs creating a client solution that drives efficiency through the automation of bid management and offline revenue pass back for ROAS 360 degree measurement. Marin's flexibility and willingness to work with us and RevTrax to take advantage of custom data integration opportunities for our clients has further enhanced our reporting and optimization capabilities. Finally, our partnership provides us with deep cross-channel optimization insight that drives game changing management of the entire digital media ecosystem."
  • “Linking online advertising results to offline conversions and showing the complete value of marketing programs is tricky for most businesses,” said Matt Lawson, vice president of marketing and partnerships at Marin Software. “The flexibility of our platform allows data from offline conversion tracking systems to be fully integrated, giving agencies and advertisers unprecedented visibility into marketing effectiveness. Greater visibility leads to better decisions and financial lift that otherwise would have gone unrealized.”
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