Symantec Maximizes Online Marketing Results with Marin Software


Symantec Maximizes Online Marketing Results with Marin Software

Enhanced bid optimization capabilities of Marin Software generate a 67% increase in return on ad spend for Symantec’s paid search program.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 23, 2012— Marin Software, provider of the leading digital ad management platform, today announced Symantec Corp. increased the profitability of their paid search advertising program through the use of Marin. Symantec operates a large online marketing program, consisting of hundreds of thousands of ad units across search, display and re-targeting publishers. To improve campaign management and bid optimization, Symantec deployed Marin, and as a result increased return on ad spend (ROAS) for their program by 67%.

News Facts:

  • Symantec protects the world's information, and is the global leader in security, backup and availability solutions. Marin Software provides Symantec a single platform to comprehensively manage and optimize search, display and retargeting campaigns. Symantec’s online marketing investments span Google Search, Google Display Network, Yahoo! Search, Bing and Criteo.
  • Prior to deploying Marin Software, Symantec lacked the tools necessary to optimize bids across hundreds of thousands of ad units. Marin’s newly enhanced bidding solution enabled Symantec to maximize revenues, while meeting key business constraints, providing a 67% increase in Symantec’s ROAS.
  • Since deploying Marin Software, productivity for Symantec has improved significantly. Daily workflows which used to require significant manual effort in spreadsheets have been automated, reducing the time spent on reporting and analysis by more than 50%. Efficiencies gained from workflow and reporting have freed Symantec marketers to capitalize on newfound insights and focus their attention on more strategic tasks.
  • Without having to rely on spreadsheets, Symantec now has instant access to data sets across publishers, can quickly analyze across campaign elements, and easily package information for executives without delay or error, leading to faster and better decision making.


  • “The complexity of our online advertising programs made it time consuming to gain insights and difficult to act on them,” said Lina Harjono, Senior Manager of Paid Search at Symantec Corporation. “In the face of multiple conversion types, multiple publishers and campaigns that span not only search but also display and retargeting, Marin Software brings everything together into one unified view and automatically optimizes our spend, saving us a ton of time and helping us deliver on financial goals.”
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