The Revenue Imperative: Digital Advertisers Prioritize Revenue Outcomes


The Revenue Imperative: Digital Advertisers Prioritize Revenue Outcomes

New Research Study Uncovers Advertisers Becoming Increasingly Accountable for Revenue Outcomes

Marin Unveils Enhancements to its Revenue Acquisition Management Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA January 22, 2013 – Today, Marin Software announced the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, “Revenue Outcomes Matter to Online Advertisers.” The research survey found that for 79% of respondents driving revenue has become a primary objective for online advertising initiatives. The study also revealed that revenue accountability is increasing in the next year for 80% of North American marketers surveyed. Marin also unveiled enhancements to its Revenue Acquisition Management Platform to empower companies to optimize revenue outcomes.

Revenue Outcomes Are an Imperative for Digital Marketers

Marin Software commissioned a study by Forrester Consulting between September and December of 2012 to examine the challenges and opportunities advertisers experience with their online advertising programs. According to Forrester, investments in display advertising and search marketing will top $60 billion by 2016.

Findings of the study include:

  • Driving revenue outcomes is a critical goal. 83% of respondents noted that they are already held accountable for revenue outcomes. 79% said that driving revenue is a primary objective for their online initiatives.
  • Advertisers anticipate more accountability for revenue in the future. 80% of study participants responded that they expected revenue targets for their online ad programs to increase at least slightly next year.
  • Advanced automation can help overcome online ad challenges. 74% of study participants look to technology to alleviate online advertising headaches.
  • There are challenges to generating revenue outcomes as most marketers surveyed spend the most time managing operational tasks not optimizing programs. The study also found that 45% of surveyed marketers have limited visibility into value metrics such as purchase intent and customer value.

“It was not surprising to learn marketers are more accountable for revenue across search, display, social and mobile,” said Chris Lien CEO of Marin Software. “We believe the Forrester findings provide further evidence that the battle for revenue among marketers is increasingly being fought online.”

According to the Forrester study, “marketers are using online advertising to drive revenue outcomes. However, many face challenges with doing so because they don’t have ample visibility into key performance metrics. Forrester believes that utilizing advanced ad management platforms can help advertisers scale complex advertising programs, enable insight into customer and campaign data, offload operational headaches and improve program performance.”

Marketers can download the Forrester Thought Leadership Paper “Revenue Outcomes Matter to Online Advertisers

Marin Unveils Enhancements to its Revenue Acquisition Management Platform

Today, Marin unveiled enhancements to its Revenue Acquisition Management (RAM) platform. The Marin RAM platform provides a complete analytics, workflow and optimization solution for marketing professionals looking to manage their digital advertising investments across search, display, social and mobile. The Marin solution is designed to help customers:

  • Manage ad campaign complexity and become more efficient in responding to shifting market and technology trends.
  • Gain visibility and control across programs to make better decisions about where and how to allocate marketing spend.
  • Optimize for revenue outcomes through predictive bidding tools and intelligent recommendations.

“Leading global advertisers are shifting investments to more sophisticated search, display, and social mobile campaigns to acquire revenue,” said Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing at Marin Software. “Marin is excited to unveil the next evolution of our Revenue Acquisition Management platform to help our customers buy the right media, at the right time, to acquire the right customers.”

“Revenue accountability for online advertisers is not a future state, it is happening now and marketers using revenue acquisition management platforms are better positioned to win the battle,” said David Pann, General Manager, Search Network, Microsoft Corp.

Recent product enhancements to Marin’s RAM platform include:

  • New Certified Revenue Integrations. Marin has documented and certified revenue data integration methods to streamline the on-boarding process with leading technology partners, including: Atlas, ClearSaleing, Flashtalking, Fusepump, Jet Interactive, Mercent, Mongoose Metrics, and Revtrax.
  • Expanded Publisher Support. Marin has extended its platform to allow customers to manage complexity across new ad formats and targeting options. Enhancements include the ability to report on and identify trends for historical Google Quality Score, Impression Share, and Click-to-Call metrics; support for new Bing Match Type URL formats, and support for Facebook placement targeting and Page Post ads.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Optimization. Marin’s new Report Builder allows marketers to gain insight through graphical reporting options and a layout tools that allow for rapid assembly of actionable reports. Marin’s enhanced cross-channel bidding capabilities enable marketers to forecast and optimize revenue outcomes, and make tradeoffs across a portfolio to meet budget, profit, and volume constraints.


  • “Focusing on optimizing acquisition programs for revenue is crucial to thrive in today's digital marketing landscape,” said Linda Harjono, Senior Manager, Paid Search at Symantec. “The Marin platform helps us increase our productivity and maximize revenue across our digital campaigns.”
  • “Our clients continue to look to us to make sense of the increasingly fragmented media landscape,” notes Neo@Ogilvy's Sean Muzzy, CEO North America. “Managing the inherent complexity that comes with this fragmentation is made possible through a Revenue Acquisition Management tool like Marin."
  • "As a digital-led, integrated agency who partners with some of the world's most successful brands, it is incumbent on us to identify the best revenue avenues", said Sean McDonald, Vice President/Group Director of SEM/SEO at Digitas. "This means trying new channels, beta testing devices and exploring new publisher partnerships. While managing the inherent complexity that comes with fragmentation can be frustrating for many, RAM management tools like Marin, provides a compass that is simple, intuitive and much needed."
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