Irv Brechner


Irv has been a direct marketer for his entire career, and pioneered online customer acquisition in the mid 90’s.In his current role he is building the Customer Acquisition Intel Center, which features white papers, executive briefs, cases, points-of-view and many other featured content giving marketers interested in customer acquisition a broad array of valuable information and tactics. Having been involved in customer acquisition offline for 30+ years and online since 1996, Brechner understands how to communicate to colleagues, clients and prospective clients what it takes to succeed using Direct Response TV, Search Engine Marketing and other online acquisition tactics. He has personally been involved in direct response for over 30 years, having built some of the first databases of personal computer owners in the early 1980's. He’s developed and sold software, published a magazine about college, written 13 books, including two best-sellers, in the areas of business, marketing, college and careers.