Q: Demand Gen Campaign - Logo getting 90% of clicks? I am running a demand gen campaign that I am pretty happy with the results of. The thing is, when I check the asset details, the logo is getting all the clicks, followed by a headline that is very close in clicks, a description, and a square image that has 1k fewer clicks. After that, all assets fall off a cliff, and the clicks are not even close. What exactly does this mean? What is the point of creating a ton of image assets to use if the logo is getting 90% of all the clicks?

A: The logo is displayed alongside your assets. It's the same thing as a sitelink—when the asset shows alongside the ad or as part of it, it counts as a click to that asset. This is fine; your ads are still getting clicks! You need to have creative assets to make your ad look compelling, regardless of where audiences are clicking. If you want to increase engagement with your creatives, consider using more compelling calls to action.

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