Key Findings

Paid Search


YoY growth

A 25% increase in Finance advertising makes this industry competitive with other verticals.

eCommerce Ads



Monthly spending on eCommerce ads increased 5x since January 2018.

Paid Social


of FB spend

Dynamic Product Ads captured 35% of total Facebook spend.

Search CPCs

Travel clocked the lowest global CPC in Q4 at $0.45, followed by retail at $0.48. Consumer confidence, strong economies, and greater competition are all contributing to higher CPCs in other sectors.


Consistent with Q3 2018, Google Shopping Ads captured 36% of search spending for all verticals. Shopping Ads remain retail advertisers’ bread and butter, as eCommerce search engines increasingly join the quest to deliver relevant, targeted experiences.


Each quarter, we aggregate advertising performance across our customer base, and share our results with digital marketing professionals to compare against their own initiatives. In addition to global industry trends, we explore the most compelling areas of digital marketing, including the evolution of mobile, the best use of creative for more clicks and market share, and using the right search and social tools to attract the right customers.

Benchmarks are calculated using a “same store sales” approach with only the advertisers who were clients during Q4 2017 to Q4 2018. Performance of a specific segment may be materially influenced by performance of one or two larger advertisers.