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Elizabeth Kennedy
Customer Engagement Manager
Marin Software

Elizabeth worked for several years in marketing agencies, focusing primarily on Meta social strategy but also working heavily with Google Ads, Pinterest, Taboola, Bing and more. She found a home at Marin Software and is continually excited by how the MarinOne product can enhance performance and automate many of the tasks she did by hand in her agency days. Outside of work, she spends as much time away from screens as possible running a small poultry farm in her backyard and enjoying active pursuits outdoors such as hiking, running, and yoga.

Samuel Larson
Marin Software

Sam Larson is a Product Manager at Marin Software. He has spent the last 7 years working in digital marketing, some of his recent work involved an advocacy-based agency in Austin, TX. Outside of his work in digital marketing, you can find Sam staying true to his Minnesotan roots, playing and coaching hockey at one of the rinks around Austin.

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