Announcing Support for Amazon Attribution

Easily connect your ads on Google with conversions on Amazon to get a complete picture of your advertising ROI.

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Holistic campaign and feed optimization

Ramp up sales with Amazon sponsored search ads.

Combine AI with inventory signals and contextual modifiers.

Integrate your product feeds to run optimized Shopping campaigns.

Build dynamic product groups to meet your performance thresholds.

A Solution that Delivers Results

Enhance long tail keyword targeting results with progressive lookback modeling.

Index and promote your full catalog of thousands or millions of products.

Analyze product-centric data across all major publishers for faster decision making.

Turn your data into more customers and higher lifetime value

For retailers, personalized ads mean higher conversion rates. With Marin, combine your customer data with real-time inventory data. The result? Customers see the right ads at the right time, while you increase lifetime value, and gain cross-sell or upsell opportunities.