Broad Audiences: Find New Customers with Dynamic Ads

June 6, 2017

We’re excited about the new rollout of Broad Audiences for Dynamic Ads! Up until now, we’ve been in closed beta for this feature.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, Broad Audiences helps you expand the reach of your Dynamic Ad campaigns, by serving more relevant ads to people who haven’t visited your website. Use Broad Audiences as a top-of-funnel tactic to expand reach and improve quality, as shown here:

dynamic ads

Fine-Tuning Your Broad Audiences

You can tweak your Dynamic Ads campaigns until they’re a perfect fit for your business goals and campaign objectives. We’ve identified a few ways to fine-tune your Dynamic Ads campaigns with Broad Audiences.

  1. Organize campaigns by existing customers and new customers with a budget that’s spread out based on projected reach of your dynamic audiences.
  2. Use exclusion audiences to block out people who’ve recently made a purchase on your website from seeing your ads.
  3. Keep your Broad Audiences as broad as possible with only location, gender, and age targeting inputs selected.
  4. Don’t layer in lookalikes or any detailed interest targeting to your ad sets with Broad Audiences, as doing so will limit delivery.
  5. Use ad creative that’s tailored to folks unfamiliar with your brand, to entice new customers.
  6. Set your bids to be optimized towards actual conversion events such as add-to-cart, purchase, and registration. You’ll need to have the Facebook pixel configured for these events in order to run Dynamic Ads, so an ideal scenario is to optimize for registration events.
  7. Specify new vs. existing within your URL parameters to better understand the full path to conversion in your analytics tool—specifically, whether a conversion’s tied to in-store or online purchase events.

If you’re interested in implementing Broad Audiences for Dynamic Ads, contact your CS representative today or request a demo.

Brett Loney

Marin Software
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