Do You Know Your Mobile Score?

November 16, 2017

As mobile continues to grow and advertisers perpetually optimize ad campaigns for better performance, it becomes increasingly challenging to know what’s working and what’s not. Where should you allocate budget? Exactly how much should you be investing in mobile versus desktop? How can you further improve?

We’re happy to offer customers our Mobile Scorecard, a kind of “decoder ring” that provides a total view of your mobile performance and identifies areas for growth.

How It Works

Our scorecard is a two-page summary that includes a high-level dashboard, followed by a more detailed analysis by device. Our aggregating scripts show you:

  • Topline score: How well your mobile campaigns are performing
  • Average score: How you measure up against the average industry benchmark
  • Potential revenue: The amount of money you’re currently leaving on the table


After your high-level dashboard, we show you how your desktop and mobile ad campaigns stack up in terms of usage and key KPIs. From here, we recommend specific actions you should take to increase your mobile score and to find the “sweet spot” for your mobile advertising budget.

We tailor our guidance to your particular business needs and objectives. Whether it’s advice to leverage our automated bid optimization engine or implement our forecast and budgeting tool, we have solutions to meet any digital advertising goal and reveal your untapped revenue opportunities.

Filling the Gap

In her 2017 Internet Trends Report, Mary Meeker highlights the amount of time spent on mobile versus the associated ad spend. As Meeker points out, given the vast number of people looking at mobile screens, advertisers in the US aren’t devoting nearly enough advertising dollars to mobile.


Our scorecard shows you how your ad campaigns can stay competitive in the battle for consumer attention.

Discover Your Mobile Score

You may be missing out on opportunities or overlooking potential revenue. To learn how we can help, contact us today.

Maria Breaux

Marin Software
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