How to Build Your Brand with Instagram Stories

September 26, 2018

Although Instagram Stories is the fastest-growing Facebook product, and more and more consumers are shifting to the stories format, most businesses are still lagging behind.

If you haven’t adopted the Stories ad format on Instagram yet, now’s a perfect time. This ad format is an easy, great way to stay ahead of the competition. In this post, we offer tips for using Instagram Stories to build your brand. For the basics, check out A Brief Guide to Advertising with Instagram Stories.

How People Interact with Stories

Before building ad campaigns and adapting your existing assets to Stories, it’s important to understand how people engage with this format.

How to Build Your Brand with Instagram Stories

According to Facebook, video represents over 40% of Instagram Stories, with over 60% of these being sound-on.[1] And, about one-third of the most viewed Stories are from businesses, meaning that people on Instagram are open to engaging with you!

Getting Started

If you’re new to Instagram Stories, start with the basics: tell your brand story with awareness objectives, such as reach, reach and frequency, brand awareness, and video views. Keep a few pointers in mind to maximize success:

  • Creative storytelling: Instagram formats allow you to be creative and craft assets that capture people’s imagination.
  • Well-branded and authentic content: This will build trust (brand loyalty) and encourage feedback.
  • Key moments: Incorporate opportunities for your audiences to respond. Use these moments to drive awareness and action.

Finally, be sure to consider your measurement tool. Make sure to properly implement tracking so that you gather relevant data, but also gain an understanding on how people interact with your brand. This will allow you to focus more specifically on achieving your target objectives and KPIs.

The Creative Sky’s the Limit

Be bold, understand the format, and create alluring ad campaigns with Instagram Stories. If you’d like to learn how Marin can help, contact us today.

[1] Instagram internal data, 2016-2017.

Jana Christoviciute

Marin Software
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