How to Overcome Under-Delivery of Your Social Ads

October 30, 2017

Luckily for social advertisers, Facebook algorithms continually optimize to create value and provide a positive, relevant user experience. Still, there are a few things you can periodically do to boost performance.

One important exercise is examining why your ads may be under-delivering. There are two main areas to monitor for under-delivering ads: targeting and bidding.


Cause: Audience is too narrow and paired with low budget

Solution: The easiest solution to overcome this issue is to broaden your audience. Facebook offers many audience types—so, instead of being granular with your splits, make sure your audience is broad enough for Facebook to maximize opportunities of reaching relevant users.

Cause: Overlapping ad set audiences

Solution: We all try to get the most out of our high-value users. However, it’s important to use smart exclusions to make sure you’re not targeting the same people to ensure the best delivery.

Cause: Audience too broad paired with low eCTR (the probability of a click) and eCVR (the probability of a conversion)

Solution: Segment your audiences to be more precise, making sure the segmentation isn’t too granular. If the segment is too narrow, consider changing the bid type.

What’s in the eCTR and eCVR? Everything. Facebook looks at your ad, ad set, campaign, and account history; recent activity on the ad set; user characteristics such as gender, age, and conversion history; page/app history; and other factors.

Focus on your value and let Facebook do the rest. Test value-based lookalikes, including the tiered lookalike approach, remember smart exclusions, and always test different targeting options.

Let the system optimize and avoid stopping or starting your ads too often.


Cause: Bid is too low

Solution: Increase the bid to the maximum to ensure ad delivery.

Cause: Low number of 1-day post-click conversions

Solution: There are a few possible solutions here:

  • Consider changing bid type to clicks or reach.
  • Optimize to a conversion higher in the funnel.
  • Change the bid to a 7-day post click conversion optimization.

Note that bidding higher won’t affect your cost. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right bidding option depending on your objective.

Average and Maximum Cost Bidding

Average or maximum cost bidding can also lead to better results. Use maximum cost bidding to optimize for cost that’s under a given amount. Use average cost bidding to increase delivery and volume within an average threshold.

Remember that it’s important to enable an ad set to deliver at least a few conversions per day, so that Facebook can gather more data and optimize more efficiently.

The Quest for Better Ad Delivery

Remember that whenever you’re experiencing ad delivery issues, be sure to review your targeting and bidding options. The fewer constraints, the better Facebook can optimize your ads. Best of luck!

Jana Christoviciute

Marin Software
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