Retargeting Tips to Give You an Edge with the 2018 Holidays

February 5, 2018

The shopping season didn’t end with 2017. Take advantage of continued online purchase activity by giving your retargeting campaigns a boost, and set the stage for 2018 with our helpful tips.

Boost your budgets, serve more impressions

Because of the December 2017 web traffic boost, especially for those of you in e-commerce, additional traffic likely made you serve additional impressions and may have maxed out your budget. Hopefully, that didn’t happen and you didn’t miss out due to a limited budget.

Now, look at how your traffic historically performs over the first few months of the year, and increase the budget by that amount for each month. Note that January shoppers may have maxed out their credit cards in December, so look for ways to entice them with February and March deals.

Adjust your campaign bids

Nearly every advertiser, particularly those in business-to-consumer, increases their spend for the holiday season, so the competition is always fierce.

As the New Year settles in, this competition means it’s not uncommon to see your CPM costs go up during this time of year. To prepare, increase your CPM bids across your campaigns by 50-100% of the current average CPM cost for the campaign.

Bidding higher will give you a better chance of serving more ads by winning more auctions and therefore winning more impressions.

Stay ahead of the game by preparing at least 30 days in advance for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation season, wedding season, and summer holidays. Have your audiences built, your creative uploaded and approved, and schedule a quick call with your Customer Success Manager.

Holiday-themed content and landing pages

With every New Year comes new holidays! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, one of the biggest first-quarter celebrations each year.

If you’ve got a big sale, free shipping, or you’re running Valentine’s Day (or even President’s Day) promotions—or whatever your very best offer is—put it front and center. Your shoppers are always hungry for deals so be sure to highlight your most enticing products, specials, sales, and content.

You may want to create an audience of only the people who visited your holiday landing pages. You can then target them with shorter lookback windows to cash in on their instinct to impulse-buy. If your creative looks like your landing pages, give yourself some extra Valentine’s Day heart candies because that’s a best practice.

Plan ahead

After the first three months in the cold, the next three bring April showers, May flowers, and June vacations. From spring cleaning to Easter to the great outdoors, start planning now for expected activity in the CPG, sporting goods, and other retail spaces.

Happy 2018 holidays!

Max Stewart

Marin Software
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