What We're Reading This Week: Top 5 Industry Articles

August 2, 2018

The Marin Marketing team stays busy not only striving to deliver compelling, educational, and relevant content—we also spend time following the most interesting industry news. In this weekly series, we list the stories that are grabbing our team’s attention.

Facebook’s Q2 numbers leave advertisers unfazed

With Facebook focusing on ad formats like Stories Ads and expecting growth to flatline through 2018, advertisers are betting on the long game.

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Relaxing with a game? Enjoy an ad

Almost 40% of gamers consider their passion relaxing, which is good news for advertisers seeking a receptive audience.

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Amazon has big plans for its booming ad business

Amazon’s on fire, commanding an ever-growing slice of the ad spend pie. With plans to keep expanding its advertising solutions, retailers stand to gain another powerful channel to showcase their products and drive revenue.

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Amazon advertisers want more video ads

A different take (or perhaps sage advice for Amazon): as Amazon revs up its advertising engine, some advertisers are looking for enhanced video services before they’ll go deep.

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Google Search: optimization over speed

After analyzing 33,500 keywords and 1 million pages of search results, SEO PowerSuite analysts didn’t find any improved ranking news to write home about.

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